TML 100 Permanent Lifting Magnet

Main view - TML-100-Permanent-Lifting-Magnet

You need to have the correct equipment to lift, move and position the work pieces and materials that you work with, you need a solution that you can trust, a solution that is reliable, convenient and won’t cost the earth. Anyone who has ever wondered how on earth they are going to move a piece of heavy metal across a busy work area will understand the problem. Or those, who have ever had to wait for a hot work piece to cool before it can be safely re-positioned may also relate to the frustration.

The new TML 100 Permanent Lifting Magnet enables easier lifting, moving, positioning, aligning, forming and transporting of your sheet & plate metal materials during production.

Main view - TML-100-Permanent-Lifting-Magnet
Main view - TML-100-Permanent-Lifting-MagnetMain view - TML-100-Permanent-Lifting-Magnet
Video thumbnail showing the TML 100 Permanent Lifting Magnet
Magnetic Contact Surface mm 80×52
Height mm 85 (Lifting hook folded down)
147 (Lifting hook folded up)
Width mm 80
Length mm 82.5
Max Load kg Up to 100 (1:3 safe working mode)
Max Vertical Lifting Capacity kg up to 30 at 90 degrees (from 15mm S235 with 1:3 safe working mode)
Tear-Off Force kg 300
Weight kg 1.7


  • Max lifting capacity of 50kg at 3mm material thickness and 100kg lifting capacity from 6mm (at safety factor 1:3)
  • Outstanding performance on thin walled materials (already applicable from 1mm material thickness)
  • 360° rotating and swivelling hook (also at maximum load)


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