Why Opt for Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction?

On-gun fume extraction stands as one of the safest and most effective methods for welding fume control, and is being rapidly adopted across Europe and North America. While its adoption in the UK hasn’t reached its peak, the tide is turning, with increasing levels of Health and Safety legislation and enforcement.

Selmach Machinery is thrilled to announce its partnership with Translas, the leading Dutch manufacturer of premium on-gun fume extraction systems. Together, we introduce a revolutionary range of lightweight, manoeuvrable, and ergonomic extraction guns that boast the highest capture rate on the market – up to 98% – while preserving the integrity of the shielding gas.

In a market where quality matters, Translas sets the standard. While it may come with a more premium price tag compared to its competitors, its unparalleled filtration quality and top-tier performance make it the go-to choice for discerning professionals.

The Safest and Most Effective Method

Fume extraction at the source stands as the gold standard for welding fume control. Translas on-gun extraction swiftly captures harmful welding fumes and individual particulates right as they emerge, ensuring the welder’s safety and maintaining a fume-free work environment.

Unmatched Capture Rate and Reliability

Translas sets the benchmark with a welding fume capture rate of up to 98%. Remarkably, the cyclonic extraction effect leaves the shielding gas untouched. Our range of fume guns is engineered for durability, offering a 100% duty cycle to meet the demands of industrial settings.

Unrivalled Portability and Comfort

The 8XE MINI Extractor stands as the lightest fume extraction gun on the market, weighing the same as or even lighter than standard welding guns. Its compact, ergonomic design ensures unparalleled comfort for welders of any skill level.

Low Maintenance, High Efficiency

Experience hassle-free operation with self-cleaning and self-regulating extraction. The Clear02 extraction systems feature automatic cleaning functions and variable frequency drive motors to maintain precise extraction flow rates, ideal for high-production welding environments. Unlike other competitors on the market, it does not require expensive replacement brushes or motors every few hundred hours of operation.

Adaptability for Confined Spaces

Translas on-gun fume extraction excels in confined spaces. With a powerful variable frequency motor, the extraction unit can be positioned up to 20 metres away from the welder, maintaining the industry-leading capture rate of up to 98%.

Improving Workshop Air Quality

Airborne contaminants from welding operations pose long-term health risks. On-gun fume extraction not only protects welders but also safeguards nearby workers from exposure to welding fumes. This makes it a cost-effective solution for shared work environments, ensuring the well-being of all workers.

Upgrade to Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction today and experience the premium standard in welding fume control, ensuring safety, efficiency, and unparalleled quality for your operations.

Published 12th March 2024