Morgan Rushworth BP Counterbalance Box & Pan Folder

The heavy duty Morgan Rushworth Manual Box and Pan Folders are available in a range of sizes from 1270mm wide up to 3050mm. Intended for working with sheet metal material they have a capacity of up to 2.5mm thick except on the 3 metre model which accepts 2mm. All models feature 45° hardened and ground segmented fingers allowing both straight and box & pan folding in a range of materials. The counterbalance weights assist the operator, especially with repetitive cycles.

Morgan Rushworth BP Counterbalance Box & Pan Folder imageMorgan Rushworth BP Counterbalance Box & Pan Folder image
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth BP Counterbalance Box & Pan Folder
Bending Lengthmm1270204025403050
Maximum Folding Angle135°135°135°135°
Quantity & Size of Fingersmm2 x 76, 2 x 1027 x 76, 3 x 1026 x 76, 5 x 1026 x 76, 4 x 102
6 x 127, 1 x 1527 x 127, 2 x 15210 x 127, 2 x 15210 x 127, 6 x 152


  • Box and pan design
  • Adjustable angle stops
  • 45° hardened and ground clamping beam fingers
  • Various clamping beam segment sizes supplied
  • Counterbalance weights to assist operator
  • Adjustable bending radius for material thickness
  • Manual crowning of clamping and folding beams


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