Selmach strive to improve – with a little help from our customers

Customer Case Study Powell EngineeringCustomer Case Study Powell Engineering

We pride ourselves on continually striving to improve our service and an important part of that is feedback from our clients. In the coming months, we will share our customers’ experience of purchasing machines from us.


This month we spoke to Dan Emad, Quality Manager at Powell Buildings.


“The quality of customer service we’ve received from Selmach has been great – from beginning to end”

What prompted you to purchase from Selmach?

We were in the position to be able to buy a new folding machine. We’d approached other companies but weren’t that impressed. With Selmach it was different. We were able to see the machine in action bending and folding, which was very important to us and convinced us in our decision to buy from Selmach.


What was your challenge?

We wanted to replace our old machine, it needed it to be updated to keep up with the demands we placed upon it. We needed something more efficient.

In terms of our requirements, we needed a machine that could bend and fold 4 metres, with a maximum thickness of 2 millimetres. The Cidan folder suited our needs perfectly.


How far would you say that the Cidan machine has met that challenge?

The Cidan machine has absolutely met the challenge. It meets all our requirements and more. For instance, it has a Turner ball head unit for box pan folding. Although we don’t use it at the moment, it’s there for the future for when we do need it.


 How has the Cidan machine impacted on your production?

We are more productive; the machine has improved our efficiency. The biggest benefit of the machine is the consistency of the folds and the accuracy of the bends.


Finally, what is your overall impression of the service you’ve received from Selmach?

The quality of customer service we’ve received from Selmach has been great – from beginning to end. Selmach are such a great company that we’ve gone back to them for another machine; a decoiler, which is due to be delivered next week.

Published 23rd June 2017