What kind of plasma cutting machine do you need?

Detail of the plasma cutting head cutting metal

Watch Anthony tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of the plasma machines we offer, and the types of material they cut.

The power yield of a plasma cutting machine is remarkable. It can cut through your thick and thin metals like a hot knife through butter. But what type of plasma cutter do you need for your business – a compact machine or something more heavy-duty? Choosing the right machine will depend on the thickness of the material you intend to cut.

“Having a plasma cutting machine will make quick work of cutting through metal”

The first type of machine Anthony will recommend is in the compact range – cutting from 1m by 1m up to 1.5 by 3m. This type of machine is ideally suited to thin material cutting such as duct work and light fabrication work. It comes with a Hypertherm power source, cutting up to 25mm thick in mild steel. It has a water bed as standard or extraction system as an option.

Front view of the Morgan Rushworth ACP CNC Compact Plasma Range

The mid-range of plasma cutters we offer are ideal for medium-sized fabricators. Firstly, the Morgan Rushworth ACP range which comes in a bed size of 1.5 by 3m. This is a good machine for smaller workshops – it’s a very compact machine. It comes with a Hypertherm power source and will cut up to 45mm mild steel material.

Side view of the Ajan-High-Definition-CNC-Plasma-Cutting-Machine

Within this range we also have the Ajan plasma cutting machinery, which comes in a bed size of 1.5m by 3m and will go right up to 3m wide by 12m long. There are several options with the Ajan, including the 5-axis bevel head, a pipe cutting attachment and others.Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HDPX-High-Definition-CNC-Plasma-Cutting-MachineFor something a little more heavy-duty, Anthony recommends the Morgan Rushworth BPLH plasma cutting range, with a bed size of 1.5m by 3m, right up to 4m by 12m long. This comes equipped with the new Hypertherm XPR power source, which would pierce up to 50mm mild steel. The options available with the BPLH range are a 5-axis cutting head, tube and box cutting attachments, and a drilling and tapping attachment, among others.

A plasma cutting machine will make quick work of cutting through metal – any self-respecting metal-working business should have one. So, which one will you choose? Get in touch and we can guide you through the process of deciding which plasma cutter is best for your business.

Published 23rd November 2019