The Curvassi Mandrel Tube Bender

Close up of tooling on the Curvassi Mandrel Tube Bender

Of the various types of tube bender on the market today, the mandrel tube bender tends to excel in ways that others, such as rotary or hydraulic machines might sometimes struggle to match. They aren’t compact like their sister machines, which are more at home working solely with thinner tubes. But what they lack in compact size, they more than make up for in a whole host of other ways and that initial outlay which might seem like a high end option, soon ends up paying for itself, time and time again…

The Curvassi range of mandrel tube benders stands proudly (and deservedly) at the head of the tube bending line, offering levels of adaptability and versatility that few can match. There is also support, thanks to the mandrel giving your expensive tubes and pipes the precise, accurate bends they need with support on the inside as well as outside.

That of course means less rippling, dimples and deformation of your materials during the bending process, particularly in the material’s interior, making the Curvassi tube bender a perfect solution for jobs such as performance intake pipes, roll cages and after-market automotive exhaust systems, in fact any job where tight diameters and thin-walled materials are the order of the day. For the very best results, make sure your tubing seam is at the very top, or bottom of your bend; to avoid compressing or stretching it, lower the risk of splitting and produce the perfect finish.

Tooling plays a big part of any mandrel tube bender as of course you need the right one for every different job. Selmach stock and supply a large range to make sure every need is covered. We also offer four of these mandrel tube bending machines; the Curvassi MTX32, the MTX51NC, the MTX65NC and the mighty MTX90NC.

All the range are easy to use, feature a geared motor drive, foot pedal control, hydraulic clamping movement, 4.7” Touch Screen Angle Programmer With Multiple Steps and each is built according to EC Safety Directives (CE-Mark Approved,) they are perfect for production environments and can perform a 180° bend in just 3 seconds!

If you or your business needs fast, consistent and precisely bent tubes or pipes, then the investment in a mandrel tube bender is one that is definitely worth making; giving you impressive levels of efficiency and accuracy and a finish that will make you proud…

For more information on our range of Curvassi Mandrel Tube Benders and the wide range of tooling we offer, or for help and advice about which machine will be right for you, get in touch today.

Published 25th April 2019