Bow Top Railing Manufacturing Machinery

Bow Top Railings, or “hoop top” are an increasingly popular solution for marking property boundaries and dividing open spaces. Proving highly popular for schools, parks and light commercial properties. They’re an aesthetically pleasing solution, while their tubular construction ensures a strong and secure fence. Fabricators across the country pride themselves on bow top railing manufacturing, however the bow top itself can be a stumbling block.

Here at Selmach, we’ve had an increasing number of customers getting in touch with us about solutions for bringing the manufacturing in house. Many have previously been buying in the bow top part of the railing and fabricating together the rest of the fencing. Now though they are looking at tackling the entire process themselves. This is due to several factors, including supply chain issues and increasing costs. By bringing this production in house, it enables businesses to have a greater control on the whole process. It brings costs down on materials and reduces the need to rely on third parties too.

The process is straight forward in principle, taking tubular steel, bending it through 180 degrees and repeating. But what is the most effective method of doing this?

Bow Top Railing Manufacturing

The Curvassi MTX32 is our entry-level mandrel tube bender, capable of fast, accurate 180 degree bending. Available with a manual vice, or a hydraulic vice for increased efficiency. We can supply this with specialist tooling (vice and internal diameter former); allowing you to bend hollow tube or solid round or square bar into a perfect bow top. The machine can roll 3no of 12mm solid bar at a time, at just 4 seconds per bending sequence.

The manual vice allows you to open and close the vice by hand, whereas the addition of a hydraulic vice means you can control the entire operation from the foot pedal controls.

Assorted tooling allows you to handle either solid, or hollow tubes, for forming into bow tops.

These solution costs around £7,000 – £12,000 + VAT, but means you can bring your entire bow top railing manufacturing production in-house. Saving you time, storage of bought in components and offers more flexibility for your processes.

If you’d like to know more information about how these machines and their tooling works, please contact our sales team on or ring 01432 346 580

Published 18th May 2022