Exploring the optional CBC Plane-of-Bend Indicator

The adjustable angle chuck with a plane-of-bend indicatorThe adjustable angle chuck with a plane-of-bend indicator
Exploring the optional CBC Plane-of-Bend Indicator

In the intricate world of metalworking, precision and consistency are paramount. Every twist and turn in a tube can significantly impact the end product. That’s why the Italian-made, CBC UNI metalworking tube bending machines, with the optional plane-of-bend indicator, stand out as game-changers in the industry.

The Adjustable Chuck: Precision Redefined

The CBC UNI metalworking tube bending machines come with an optional plane-of-bend indicator, an attachment that redefines precision bending. This optional feature includes an adjustable chuck mounted on a movable arm. The chuck, equipped with a 360-degree angle indicator, allows operators to fine-tune the bending angle with unprecedented accuracy. No more guesswork or approximations; this feature ensures that every bend meets the desired dimension with exceptional precision.

Consistency Through Adjustability

One of the standout advantages of the CBC UNI machines is the flexibility in arm lengths. With options ranging from 1m to 6m (except for the UNI 42, which accommodates up to 4m, and the UNI 70 and beyond needs a minimum of a 2m arm), these machines offer a tailored approach to metalworking. The adjustable backstops on the moving arm allow operators to position the chuck at specific points, enabling consistent and repeatable bends. This level of control is unparalleled, ensuring that every bend, whether in a short 1m tube or a longer 6m one, is executed flawlessly.

Beyond Manual Handling: The CBC UNI Advantage

Comparing the CBC UNI metalworking tube bending machines to manual bending or supporting materials with roller tracks highlights the vast superiority of the former. While manual methods are labour-intensive and prone to human error, the CBC UNI machines eliminate these concerns. The optional plane-of-bend indicator takes the guesswork out of bending, reducing wastage and minimising production time.

Moreover, the CBC UNI machines are designed for operator convenience. Unlike traditional methods where fabricators may need to hold the tube while bending, CBC UNI machines are a two-hand operation. This ergonomic design not only ensures safety but also enhances precision during the bending process. Fabricators can focus entirely on achieving the desired bend, knowing that the machine’s innovative features are working in tandem with their expertise.

The adjustable built-in backstop system means you can set specific stop points for the chuck, ensuring consistent, repeatable bends time and time again.

Explore the Future of Metalworking

Ready to revolutionise your metalworking process? The CBC UNI metalworking tube bending machines, with the optional plane-of-bend indicator, offer a glimpse into the future of precision engineering. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Invest in CBC UNI and experience the transformative power of technology in metalworking.

Explore the CBC UNI Metalworking Tube Bending Machines

Note: The embedded video referenced in this article provides a visual demonstration of the CBC UNI metalworking tube bending machines and their optional plane-of-bend indicator. Please refer to the video at the top of this page for a detailed showcase of the machines’ capabilities. With thanks to Dan Wardle at Mettech Precision for allowing us to film on site.

With CBC UNI, the future of metalworking is now. Precision, consistency, and efficiency are no longer aspirations but tangible realities, reshaping the way we approach metal bending.

Published 31st October 2023