Meet the machines: An introduction to Press Brakes

Side view, close of PBS press brake looking down the toolingSide view, close of PBS press brake looking down the tooling

This week we will focus on our range of press brakes, a line-up of machines of which we are particularly proud of for several reasons.

Firstly they are machines with which we feel a particular affinity, we know them inside and out, down to the smallest, well machined component and we pride ourselves on being able to offer a level of advice and after-sales service to our clients that few others can match.

Secondly, they are made by Morgan Rushworth, a long recognised brand who have been making consistently high quality machinery since 1872 and today supply some of the most discerning clients across the world.

With those things in mind, seeing the press brakes lined up and ready to demonstrate on, it is quite obvious that 150 year’s worth of experience has gone into their manufacture, they look the part, they perform incredibly and if we say so ourselves, they leave others standing.

The other thing which will impress our clients is the sheer range of press brakes we are able to offer. A range that starts with the Morgan Rushworth PB NC range of hydraulic press brakes available in tonnages from 35 all the way up to 300. All of them feature a motorised backgauge system and digital readouts for the top beam, making them the perfect choice for box folding, tread plates and occasional or less heavy workloads.

Next we will look at the Morgan Rushworth PBS CNC press brake, much like the PB NC range these are available in a staggering array of different tonnage options and have three axes as standard (Y1, Y2 & X) however, the PBS CNC machines have the capacity to go up to five axes with optional extras such as the CNC crowning system and backgauge system. They also come with the new ESA 630 touch screen controller, enabling offline programming via PC.

Then comes the mighty Morgan Rushworth PBXS CNC press brake, and here things really start to get impressive, with tonnages of up to an incredible 1000T, the ESA S-560 touch multi-axis controller handling complex, multi-bend operations, AKAS laser tooling guards and high approach and return speeds for production bending, the PBXS CNC press brake can take whatever comes its way all day.

The final machine in the line up, shows exactly why the Morgan Rushworth brand has endured for so long; a range that shows an ethos of looking towards the future and pushing the boundaries of intelligent design with the Morgan Rushworth CNC mVision range of press brakes.

The mVision brings an altogether new era of connectivity between machinery and operator, with the mVision’s software able to work with the most complex three-dimensional forms projected directly on to the folding beam of the press brake itself, along with tooling profiles to ensure the correct set up is achieved every time. These graphical representations of part orientation and bend sequence mirror the work being done, in life sized detail giving a highly visual display and removing the need for high levels of experience and training on a machine that really needs to be seen in our showroom to be believed.

To learn more about the Morgan Rushworth press brake range, feel free to drop us a line on +44 (0)1432 346 580 or email or get in touch via our website.

Published 20th August 2018