Morgan Rushworth mVision Interactive CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-Mvision-Press-Brake

The mVision Pressbrake offers a completely new level of connectivity between the machine and the operator.

Complex 3D products are unfolded in the machine software and projected on to the folding beam of the press brake, while life size tooling profiles appear above the actual tools ensuring the correct set up is achieved every time.

In a production cycle, both bend sequence and part orientation are graphically indicated in life size as well as aligned with the correct section of the tooling.
With an mVision Press Brake training time will be reduced, wastage will be reduced and a high level of efficiency and productivity will be achieved.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-Mvision-Press-Brake

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view Morgan-Rushworth-Mvision-Press-BrakeMain view Morgan-Rushworth-Mvision-Press-Brake
Video thumbnail showing the Morgan Rushworth mVision Interactive CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
MODELmVision CNC 3100/120mVision CNC 3100/160mVision CNC 3100/200mVision CNC 4100/160mVision CNC 4100/200mVision CNC 4100/240
Bending PowerTonne120160200160200240
Bending Lengthmm310031003100410041004100
Dist Between Columnsmm255025502550355035503550
Y Rapid Speedmm/sec160160150170160150
Y Working Speedmm/sec101010101010
Y Return Speedmm/sec130130130120110100
Travel In X Axismm100010001000100010001000
Speed Of X Axismm/sec330330330330330330
Travel In R Axis (Optional)mm160160160160160160
Speed Of R Axis (Optional)mm/sec240240240240240240
No of Backgauge FingersAmount222222
“Number Of Sheet Support Arms”Amount222222
Oil CapacityLi.140210210210210210
Motor Powerkw111518.51518.522
Throat Depthmm410410410410410410
Table Heightmm880880880880880880
Table Widthmm606090609090


• mVision patented on-beam projection system
• CAL software for unfolding and sequencing of bends
• Full control of graphics with hand motion creating a simulated
touch screen on the folding beam
• Scroll through screens, enlarge part view and rotate view all on
the folding beam
• View tooling set up and correct tool profiles in life size against
actual tools
• Full graphical 3D simulation of bending process in real time
• Delem DA69T graphical touchscreen CNC control
• Full synchronisation of Y1 + Y2 axes to +/- 0.01mm accuracy
• High precision linear scales for measurement of stroke depth

•CNC-controlled X axis ballscrew backgauge with servo motors
• Steel mono-block construction
• High approach and return speeds for production bending
• 2 sliding front support arms with linear guide rails for lateral
• AKAS laser tooling guards
• Independent Tower Type Backgauge X1 +R1 + Z1, X2 +R2 +Z2
• CNC Motorised Anti Deflection Crowning System
• Hydraulic Top and Bottom Tool Clamping (WILA Style)


  • Additional Sliding Front Arm
  • Brush Table for Front Support Arm
  • Parking Area on the side of the machine for Sliding Front Support Arms
  • CNC Sheet Follower Support Arm
  • Laser Angle Measuring System
  • Pneumatic Top Tool Clamping (Euro Style)
  • Pneumatic Bottom Tool Clamping (Euro Style)


The Benefits

  • Highly visual display of bend sequence and component orientation greatly increases speed of operation
  • Superior productivity as the next operation is immediately displayed without needing to refer to a separate
  • Operators do not require a high level of experience as intuitive control removes the need for specific
  • Machine set up is simplified as tooling required for the current product is projected onto the beam in
    life size.

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