Promotech BM Bevelling Machine

Main view Promotech-Deburring-and-Bevelling

The BM is a bevelling machine designed to bevel materials made of carbon steel. The machine can bevel plates, as well as pipes with outer diameters of 150–300 mm, at an angle of 0–60° and with the bevel width of up to 21 mm. Additionally, the machine contains dampers to reduce vibrations.When equipped with an optional guide, the machine can bevel pipes with outer diameters of 300–600 mm.

Main view Promotech-Deburring-and-Bevelling
Main view Promotech-Deburring-and-BevellingMain view Promotech-Deburring-and-Bevelling
Max bevel width at 45 degreesmm2121
Bevel angledegrees0 – 600 – 60
Plate thicknessmm5+5+
Spindle speedrpm28201410
Feed speedmm/min


  • Cutting insert
  • Metal box
  • 8 mm hex wrench
  • 6 mm hex wrench
  • 4 mm hex wrench
  • 12 mm flat wrench
  • T15P torx screwdriver
  • Grease for screws
  • Operator’s Manual


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