RVD PR SmartFibre Laser

The RVD SmartFibre PR CNC fibre laser cutting machine is available with a bed size of 1.5m x 3m, 2m x 4m or 2m x 6m – with power sources ranging from 1.5kW through to 8kW.

All RVD PR models are supplied with an automatic transfer table, allowing the operator to easily load and unload the material. The range of bed sizes fits most use cases.

CCTV with one camera is fitted as standard, as a result the operator can safely view the cutting action. Furthermore, class leading components have been carefully selected to ensure longevity and reduced downtime.

RVD PR SmartFibre Laser imageRVD PR SmartFibre Laser image
Video thumbnail showing the RVD PR SmartFibre Laser
Detail of the RayTool Laser Cutting HeadDetail of the RayTool Laser Cutting Head
Laser Power 1.5kw – 8kw IPG (USA)
Processing Surface (L x W) mm 1500 x 3000 2000 x 4000 2000 x 6000
CNC Control Standard: Shanghai FISCUT CypCut
Optional: Performance Pack: Beckhoff (German)
Laser Head RayTools Switzerland
Servo Motor and Driver Standard: Yaskawa
Optional: Italian Motor Power with Performance Pack
Liner Guide Hiwin
Chiller Tong Fei
Position Accuracy X, Y and Z Axis mm ±0.03
Repeat Position Accuracy X, Y and Z Axis mm ±0.02
Maximum Position Speed of X and Y Axis mm/min Standard: 100
mm/min Standard Performance Pack: 120mm/min
Acceleration Standard: 1g
Performance Pack: 1.5g
Max Load of Shuttle Table kg 1000
Max Sheet Size kg 1000
X Axis Travel mm 3,000 4,000 6,000
Y Axis Travel mm 1,500 2,000 2,000
Z Axis Travel mm 200 200 200
Length mm 9,500 12,500 16,000
Width mm 5,500 5,800 5,800
Height mm 2,460 2,460 2,460
Weight kg 7,500 12,500 16,500


RVD Laser Cutting Capacity Table

Laser power 1.5kW 3kW 4kW 6kW 8kW
Material Gas
Carbon steel O2 14 22 25 25 30
Stainless steel N2 6 12 12 20 25
Aluminium Air 5 10 12 16 24
Brass N2 5 8 12 14 16
Copper O2 4 6 6 10 14
Galvanized N2 5 8 10 14 20


  • High performance IPG fibre laser technology
  • Raytools high performance torch with crash protection system
  • High strength, rigid gantry design to ensure high accuracy and consequently allow high acceleration
  • Ultra high precision class alpha rack and pinion drive motion system
  • Drawers fitted underneath the cutting table for the removal of small parts and scrap
  • High speed dual pallet mechanical transfer table allowing cutting during loading and unloading
  • CE compliant complete machine enclosure and light barrier system
  • Cypcut CNC Laser Control and Software


  • Performance Pack (standard on 6 and 8kw):
    – Beckhoff TwinCAT CNC controller – Germany
    – SigmaNEST CAC/CAM software – US
    – Motor Power servo motor – Italy
    – Dynamic Aluminium Bridge
  • Precitec Auto focus cutting head (standard on 6 and 8kw)
  • Tube cutting attachment (max 160mm round, 160mm oval, 105mm square tube. Available in 3m and 6m lengths.
  • Extraction system
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