Clarus save on outsourcing costs with the RVD fibre laser

Close up image of the cutting head cutting metal on a Fibre LaserClose up image of the cutting head cutting metal on a Fibre Laser

Clarus is a company that produces glassboards – a tool with which its clients create, communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve. Based in London and Fort Worth in the US, Clarus produces glassboards for many well-known brands, corporations, and commercial interior and furniture firms, to healthcare providers and education institutions. We spoke to Clarus about their experience with the RVD laser cutter.


“Its main impact has been on the cost savings”


What led you to invest in the RVD laser? What was the objective?

We do a lot of steel work and we have a laser in the US branch, so we were replicating our facility in the US. And it was an upgrade from the original we have here.


How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

They were one of the first companies we contacted, and they treated us well.


What features attracted you to the RVD laser? What was it about it that you liked?

It was the right size for our operation – originally we were going to go for a much larger version but for the capacity and volume we wanted it for meant that the smaller one was perfectly adequate. Plus, it was more efficient, and most importantly, it was at a better price point.


And, did the RVD laser meet your expectations?

So far everything has been ok, yes.


What do you think has been the specific impact of the RVD laser on your business?

I think its main impact has been on the cost savings – some of our products require steel cutting, and in the past we’ve had to outsource this for larger projects. We don’t need to do that anymore, so we save on the outsourcing costs and this is reflected vertically in operation too. And it has saved us time because it’s a lot quicker than the old one.

Published 16th February 2020