Roll Bending Machines, Crunching the numbers to pick the best

End view of an ASBR Bending RollerEnd view of an ASBR Bending Roller

Two rolls, three rolls and four rolls…Three different types of Roll Bending Machine that together fill the needs of our industry admirably, each is available from Selmach and each is efficient and very well suited to the job. The problem is; which is best for your particular needs? Does it matter if you just shell out your investment and hope for the best, or is it worth having a closer look at each to make an informed choice that’s right for your business?

Well yes because each type of Roll Bending Machine has a very specific set of strengths, making it ideal for certain materials, thicknesses and volumes. Make the right choice and you’ll be happy, act in haste and you might regret it later.

At Selmach we do all we can to ensure our customers leave our showrooms with the right piece of kit for them, so let’s have a brief look at each type of Roll Bending Machine and get to know them a little better…

2-Roll Bending Rolls

Not quite as common as their three and four role family but if you are working with thin sheet metal they can offer a serious alternative. One pass bending means impressive efficiency and automation whilst a minimum of flat areas means your blank material can be transformed into a finished part very quickly, with minimum interaction from the operator.

3-Roll Bending Rolls

3-Roll Bending Rolls can represent a lower initial investment than their 4-Roll counterparts, some people wrongly assume that is because they are older technology and less popular these days in comparison. Flat spots on the leading and trailing edges aren’t as small as the 4-Roll machines but for a wider range of materials and a greater range of thicknesses, 3-Roll Bending Machines can be the perfect solution, Selmach supply a 3-Roll model with CNC control; The Morgan Rushworth DPBM3.

4-Roll Bending Rolls

A smaller flat spot and the leading and trailing material edges and much greater suitability to CNC control and that is just the start for the 4-Roll Bending Machine. Hydraulic power delivers bending capacities up to 85mm and widths up to 4100mm. The NC controller takes care of accuracy and throughput volumes meaning high production runs and complex bends are easily and routinely taken care of once programmed. You can even perform operator-controlled bends in the usual way and record each stage via the NC control for future reference.

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Published 15th April 2019