Righetti Vacuum Lifters, now available from Selmach Machinery

Here at Selmach, we’re always striving to improve our product offering with complementary products to our existing range. Given the range of CNC Plasmas and Laser’s we provide, and already the hand-held, and crane mounted lifting magnets, a natural product to offer is Vacuum lifters. Utilised across multiple industries, not just sheet metal, they provide a stable and versatile method of moving and manoeuvring large flat material around a workshop.

Righetti Vacuum Lifters offers a wide range of lifters with Vacuum Lifters for lifting and handling of metal sheets, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials.

The models with electric operating system are the ideal solution for use on an overhead crane or other means of lifting , where it is easier to prepare the connection electrical connection with respect to the pneumatic connection.

The models with compressed air operating system are the ideal solution for use on jib cranes or other lifting means, where there is a pneumatic connection. Each series is available with different lengths of central cross-beams.

Speak to us today about our requirements, and we’d be happy to offer advise and guidance on what would be best.

Published 21st September 2023