PRV Engineering take control of their prototyping with the Waterjet


PRV Engineering Ltd is based in Pontypool, South Wales. They manufacture a range of products for a multitude of industries. They offer an array of services including general and precision engineering, the production of machined components and turned parts, wet spray painting, powder coating, steel fabrication, installation and maintenance, structural and architectural steelwork, and more.

We spoke to Simon Jones, CEO and Managing Director of PRV Engineering about the CMS Waterjet they’d recently purchased from Selmach.

“It has allowed us to service those industries that we couldn’t access before.”

What led you to purchase a new machine? What was the challenge or objectives?

This was brand new technology for us. We liked the look of the machine and we were impressed by what it could do.

We liked the fact that all the parts were made by the same company (CMS) –  the machine, the dredger etc. whereas most other companies use parts from different manufactures.

We liked the fact that this machine has a fully-enclosed guard. This has high sides so water doesn’t go everywhere. It’s nice and clean, and safe. This really appealed to us as most other waterjets are flatbed.

How did you hear about Selmach and why did you choose them?

It was a chance meeting. We saw them at a MACH show. And far as we know they are the only company to represent CMS in the UK and offer this particular machine. Their other products impressed us too. We’ve since had a press and other products from Selmach.

What features attracted you to the machine your purchased?

Mainly that CMS make all the parts, and the fully enclosed guard – these were the main attractions for us.

How have you benefited from the machine? Did it meet your expectations?

Yes, it has very much met our expectations. It has allowed us to do what we could not do before without subcontracting out. It has allowed us to take control of prototyping. It does the job quickly and allows us to cut all sorts of things that we couldn’t previously do.

How have you benefited from using the machine? Has it helped you save time and increase productivity? How does it that enhance your competitive advantage?

Yes, it has saved time and increased our productivity. It has allowed us to service those industries that we couldn’t access before.

What are your thoughts on the aftercare and service throughout the process?

Yes, good throughout, no problems. The only issue we had was that they were a bit slower than we’d have liked, but I believe this is a new product for them too, so it was to be expected. Overall it was good service.

Published 5th June 2018