A closer look at Waterjet Cutting

Close up of the waterjet head cutting metalClose up of the waterjet head cutting metal

Our guide on how waterjet cutters work starts in the most unlikely of places; The Grand Canyon, one of the natural world’s most breathtaking wonders, but how did it come to exist? The simple answer is water, the Colorado River to be exact. The water that has flowed through the canyon over millennia has carved out the familiar deep ravines and unique structures that make the canyon the spectacle it is. In a nutshell water does exactly that; it carves and erodes like no other substance on earth, through solid rock, through anything at all…

Now take those properties, and a little technology and we can turn water into something else entirely; a way of cutting that is instantaneous, precise and exponentially more powerful in the form of a waterjet cutter.

It requires extreme pressures and incredibly high velocities to achieve but the outcome is well worth it; a machine that is versatile, cutting everything from food and plastics to wood and titanium simply by bombarding the material with an ultra-high speed stream of water. Often additives are used to make the process even more efficient in the form of abrasive grits of different sizes that are added to the water in suspension.

The end result is a material that hasn’t been subjected to heat, so its inherent properties haven’t been altered or damaged in any way and its intrinsic structure is the same as before, something that conventional cutting or plasma would struggle to achieve.

Waterjet cutting does however rely on pressure, and a lot of it, much more than an average water main could ever hope to safely provide. To solve this problem, a high-pressure pump is connected to the waterjet cutter with the jet exiting through the directional nozzle assembly on to and through the workpiece, to create cuts with a perfect edge and unparalleled finish across an incredibly diverse range of materials, and even complex multi-dimensional and pre-programmed cuts.

At Selmach we offer a range of waterjet cutters by CMS Waterjet Italy; The Easyline Waterjet Cutter is our entry level workhorse range, accurate, cost-effective and consistent. The Milestone Waterjet Cutter is a gantry type model with the hardware and software to handle any complex job. The Idroline S Waterjet Cutter is an elite behemoth with superior technological performance, to drive productivity and efficiency.

There are many ways a Waterjet Cutter can improve your business , if versatility and efficiency are your goals then the CMS Waterjet range is waiting to impress and perhaps even amaze you in one of our showrooms.

Visit our site today to have a look at our range of CMS Waterjet Cutters and as always, get in touch with any questions or queries.

Published 4th January 2019