CMS Waterjet Pumps; getting it right…

Image of the CMS Greenjet Waterjet PumpImage of the CMS Greenjet Waterjet Pump

At Selmach we know a thing or two about waterjet cutting and it has to be said, we are firm believers in the ancient saying “If you can’t cut it with a waterjet, then you can’t cut it at all”.

Waterjets carry so many benefits; initial set up time is slashed, there is no edge to your materials from this kind of cold-cutting process and material preparation time is similarly minimal, but most of all; that (admittedly not ancient, but completely true) saying above rings absolutely true, you can cut practically anything with your waterjet, from frozen gateaux to the toughest metals along with woods, plastics and everything in between…

The CMS range hails from Italy, and is crafted entirely in-house. The cutting heads, components and the machine structure, even the software are all created and built by the same world-leading team, known for their attention to accuracy and detail since 1969.

But if the CMS waterjet cutter is the beast that will get the job done, then its beating heart is surely the waterjet pump and that is what we are going to look at a little more closely; each of the three in the CMS range has its benefits, so getting it right is a very big deal…

The Easypump has two cylinders and comes in 30hp or 60hp with three cylinders with power of 22,5/30 kW/Hp and 45/60 kW/Hp respectively, delivering the constant pressure you need without the need of an attenuator, a typical feature of older, traditional intensifiers.

The Jetpower has three cylinders and comes in either 60hp (45/60 kW/Hp) or 120hp (90kw/120Hp). It is a high precision pressure intensifier, designed to meet the most demanding workloads and deliver the best results with no pressure troughs, thanks to multiple, independent, parallel and electronically synchronised pressure multipliers in each pressure intensifier.

The new 45hp Greenjet ups the efficiency by a staggering 60% over traditional intensifiers, runs more quietly with noise levels of <75 dBA and, because power consumption is considerably less; is more environmentally friendly across the board. Maintenance is also reduced, thanks to less structural components, air motor cooling and a lubrication circuit.

So…How do you choose which one is best for you?

Incoming power supply is the first and most vital factor to consider, as increased ampage is needed for greater pump horsepowers. Thickness of your materials is another common question we come across, but generally; whatever fits between the cutting base and the machine head is fair game to be cut, as you increase in motor size of course, then the quicker that cutting process will be. Therefore if you know your incoming power supply you can select the right pump for the cutting time that you and your production require.

As always, if you need advice on the CMS Waterjet range and the Waterjet Pump that’s right for you click, tap or call us on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website

Published 11th February 2019