NC or CNC…That is the question

Side view of the tooling on a Morgan Rushworth Press BrakeSide view of the tooling on a Morgan Rushworth Press Brake

And when it comes to the matter of press brakes, to go with an NC or CNC model is a very good question, asked perhaps by those looking to expand and grow their business, or particularly by those whose press brake may be approaching the end of its serviceable lifespan, then there is a very good possibility that it will be a trusty NC (numerically controlled) press brake.

NC press brakes have, for many years played a vital role in our industry and continue to be in demand today as you can see by our extensive range of Morgan Rushworth NC pressbrakes available here. But more and more now, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) press brakes are enjoying the lion’s share of the market, and there are several, very good reasons for that.

Reliability and consistency

In all likelihood, you may well have the skill and expertise available to produce consistently high quality bends with your NC press brake, if you do then you’ll know these are skills that are well worth having, and worth hanging on to. However CNC press brakes such as those in our Morgan Rushworth range are machines that are much more automated and that means a more complex job can be undertaken by a lot more people. A much wider range of people can operate the machine any time, so…If your highly skilled or dedicated NC operator is on holiday, off sick or busy doing other jobs, your production line can just keep rolling, saving you time and money.

An automated option

Computer numeric control (CNC) gives you what is basically a tailor-made PC built into your press brake. In our Morgan Rushworth range of CNC press brakes, that PC takes the form of a user friendly touch screen ESA 630 system. That is a big deal for several reasons; firstly it gives you precision, not just the sort of precision attained by careful handling and an experienced eye needed for your NC press, but complete precision with up to five times more accuracy than conventional NC press brakes. CNC press brakes offer speed too, with a safe and fast backgauge and servo drive taking care of repeat-ability, no matter how complex the bends uploaded to the on-board PC software.

Bringing everything in-house

Once the program on a CNC press brake has been set up by a skilled operator, your days of expensive outsourcing, and your reliance on those one or two highly skilled NC operators could be a thing of the past. A degree of initial know-how is needed to program the software or upload the 2D auto-bend sequence computations your job needs, however once that is done, and it only needs to be done once then the CNC pressbrake is a machine that anyone can use with the same high quality and accurate results.

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Published 12th September 2018