Folding of the Future with the Morgan Rushworth mVision Press Brake

Folding of the Future with the Morgan Rushworth mVision Pressbrake

Selmach Machinery are delighted to be suppliers of the new interactive Morgan Rushworth mVision Press brake. The mVision Press brake offers a completely new level of connectivity between the machine and the operator.

Complex 3D products are unfolded in the machine software and projected on to the folding beam of the press brake, while life size tooling profiles appear above the actual tools ensuring the correct set up is achieved every time.
In a production cycle, both bend sequence and part orientation are graphically indicated in life size as well as aligned with the correct section of tooling.
With an mVision Press brake, training time will be reduced, wastage will be minimised and a high level of efficiency and productivity will be achieved.

The Benefits:
• Highly visual display of bend sequence and component orientation greatly increases speed of operation
• Superior productivity as the next operation is immediately displayed without needing to refer to a separate control
• Operators do not require a high level of experience as intuitive control removes the need for specific knowledge
• Machine set up is simplified as tooling required for the current product is projected onto the beam in life size.

To see the machine in action simply book yourself in for a demonstration on 01432 346 580, or browse our whole Press brake range here.


Published 16th May 2016