Easyline Waterjet Cutter

Main view - CMS-Tecnocut-Easyline-Waterjet-Cutter

The Easyline waterjet offers all customers an entry level accurate, cost effective waterjet cutting system. This system is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high pressure jet of water or a mixture of water and abrasive. Waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of machine parts. It is the preferred method when the materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries including mining and aerospace for cutting, shaping and reaming.

Main view - CMS-Tecnocut-Easyline-Waterjet-Cutter

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view - CMS-Tecnocut-Easyline-Waterjet-CutterMain view - CMS-Tecnocut-Easyline-Waterjet-Cutter
Video thumbnail showing the Easyline Waterjet Cutter
Easy Pump Pressure Intensifier
Easy Pump Pressure Intensifier
Easy Pump Pressure Intensifier
Jetpower EVO Pressure Intensifier
Jetpower EVO Pressure Intensifier
Jetpower EVO Pressure Intensifier
Greenjet Evo Intensifier
Greenjet Evo Intensifier
Greenjet Evo Intensifier
Model 1010 2020 2040 2060
X axis 1000mm 2000mm 4000mm 6000mm
Y axis 1000mm 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm
Z axis 220mm 220mm 220mm 220mm
Rest Surface 1210 x 1225mm 2210 x 2225mm 4210 x 2225mm 6210 x 2225mm
Overall Dimensions 1936 x 2393mm 2936 x 3393mm 4936 x 3393mm 6936 x 3393mm


  • Mobile Console with Notebook PC
  • Accurate linear motion by rack and pinion, protected by heat welded bellows ensuring perfect tightness against water and dust
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Cutting head equipped with touch feeler to adjust automatically the cutting head height
  • Working surfaces dedicated to different cutting applications
  • Cyclone abrasive removal system
  • Protection of the work area by light barriers
  • Cantilever with independent tank which allows an ease of access from the three open sides
  • 180kg Abrasive Feeding System


  • 30/60 Hp Easy Pump Pressure Intensifer
  • 30/60/120 Hp Jetpower Evo Pressure Intensifer
  • Xstream Pressure Intensifer
  • Laser pointer
  • Anti-collision feeler
  • Drilling Unit
  • Electronic Hopper
  • 330kg /2000kg Abrasive Feeding System

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