Sterling SAR Aluminium Circular Saw

Main view Sterling-SAR-Aluminium-Circular-Saw

The Sterling SAR range of circular saws are designed for working with aluminium sections and extrusions. All models feature high blade speeds and are pull down operated. These models are offered with either manual or pneumatic clamping. These machines use TCT toothed cutting blades which are available in a range of tooth pitches depending on the material section and required finish.

Main view Sterling-SAR-Aluminium-Circular-Saw

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view Sterling-SAR-Aluminium-Circular-SawMain view Sterling-SAR-Aluminium-Circular-Saw
Video thumbnail showing the Sterling SAR Aluminium Circular Saw
Detail Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-BladeDetail Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-Blade
Detail Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-ViceDetail Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-Vice
Front view Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-with-roller-conveyorFront view Sterling-SAR-400-Aluminium-Circular-Saw-with-roller-conveyor
Capacity90°45° L + R90°45° L + R
◯ Tubemm140130140130
□ Box Sectionmm120100110100
▭ Widest Cutmm215 x 100150 x 100215 x 100150 x 100
Blade Sizemm400ø x 32 bore400ø x 32 bore
Blade Speedrpm30003000
OperationInstant Pull DownInstant Pull Down


  • Heavy duty
  • Fast aluminium cutting
  • Large capacity
  • Mitring head 45° left and right
  • Flat solid bed
  • Material length stop
  • Bar support roller
  • Mitre left and right 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degree mitre stops
  • 2 x Pneumatic vertical and horizontal clamps
  • Safety cutting with full blade guard
  • 1 x Roller conveyor (2m right) on pneumatic models


  • Base – stock code 15012
  • Measuring conveyor right side 3, 4, 5 or 6m
  • Roller conveyor left side 3, 4, 5 or 6m
  • Cooling system for cutting aluminium
  • Hydro-check for cutting aluminium profiles (hydraulic speed setting)
  • Auto slicing feature (90° only)
  • Automatic measurement converyor

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