Piranha P Single Operator Steelworker

Main view - Piranha-P-Single-Operator-Steelworker

Piranha P Single Operator Steelworker gives metal fabricators outstanding quality and innovative features. Every Piranha provides quality work, saving time in set up, adaptability and versatility through a wide range of tooling, and factory engineering support.

Main view - Piranha-P-Single-Operator-Steelworker

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view - Piranha-P-Single-Operator-SteelworkerMain view - Piranha-P-Single-Operator-Steelworker
Video thumbnail showing the Piranha P Single Operator Steelworker
Piranha P-70 Single Operator SteelworkerPiranha P-70 Single Operator Steelworker
Piranha P-90 Single Operator SteelworkerPiranha P-90 Single Operator Steelworker
Angle Bending DetailAngle Bending Detail
Material Clamping DetailMaterial Clamping Detail
Optional Roller Track AttachmentOptional Roller Track Attachment
Optional AttachmentOptional Attachment
Optional Tooling Attachment for BendingOptional Tooling Attachment for Bending
Optional Tooling Attachment for PunchingOptional Tooling Attachment for Punching
Optional Tooling Attachment for BendingOptional Tooling Attachment for Bending
Angle Shearing DetailAngle Shearing Detail
Throat Depth130mm200mm250mm300mm300mm
Open Height300mm350mm380mm400mm400mm
Closed Height190mm235mm260mm260mm260mm
w/o Die Block
Stroke Length101mm108mm123mm133mm133mm
Platen Table Size (D-W)200 x 250mm250 x 430mm300 x 530mm370 x 530mm370 x 530mm
Hole Size (Max. Material)25mm (12mm)21mm (19mm)30mm (19mm)28mm (25mm)38mm (25mm)
Max. Hole Size (Material)38mm (5mm)127mm (3mm)114mm (5mm)127mm (5mm)127mm (6mm)
Plate Shear330mm Long380mm Long460mm Long520mm Long520mm Long
15 x 150mm20 x 250mm25 x 150mm25 x 300mm25 x 300mm
12 x 200mm16 x 380mm20 x 300mm20 x 450mm20 x 450mm
6 x 330mm12 x 460mm12 x 500mm12 x 500mm
Angle Shear90 x 90125 x 125 x 10mm127 x 127150×150150 x 150
**w/ special bladex 8mm100 x 100 x 12mmx 13mmx16mmx 16mm
Bar ShearOptional
Round (min. to max.)6 to 36mm6 to 38mm12 to 50mm12 to 50mm12 to 50mm
Square (min. to max.)12 to 25mm12 to 25mm12 to 35mm12 to 35mm12 to 35mm
Coper-Notcher (Tons)350kN500kN670kN845kN845kN
(Max.)60 x 75 x 6mm70 x 100 x 6mm90 x 125 x 10mm100 x 150 x 10mm100 x 150 x10mm
Bending Attach. (std.)150mm200mm300mm300mm300mm
(Optional Length)300mm300, 350, 600mm600mm600mm600mm
Punch End
Strokes Per Minute50 @ 12mm60 @ 12mm30 @ 19mm40 @ 19mm40 @ 19mm
Optional Speed-Up KitN/AN/AN/A
Work Station Height1067mm1067mm1067mm1118mm1118mm
Pump LPM2839565656
System R/V bar138179179183241
Fluid Capacity (Liters)4575949494
Motor Std. 230/460 3 Ph.
1800 RPM3kW 3 Ph.7kW 3 Ph.11kW 3 Ph.11kW 3 Ph.14kW 3 Ph.
Opt. Phase & Voltage
Dimensions (Net)610 x 1397610 x 1676787 x 2007889 x 2286889 x 2286
W-L-H Approx.x 1473mmx 1524mmx 1626mmx 1689mmx 1689mm
Weight (Net)7711179192826302812
kg Approx.


  • Punch Station

The urethane strippers keep the material flat to ensure  a better quality punch. The shorter stroke ensures faster productivity and with no adjustments required results in an efficient and easy to use production.

  • Shearing Station

The urethane hold-downs clamp and unclamp the material automatically with each stroke ensuring faster productivity. Unlike other conventional steelworkers the parts remain clamped during the entire shearing cycle to ensure a more accurate result. The complete clamping cycle promotes longer blade life making it much more cost effective.

  • Shearing Visibility

Much easier to line up a cut line to the shear blade as the operator has a direct line of sight.

  • Shear Blade

The low rake angle shear blade results in flatter parts being produced at a better quality. Piranha provide four shear edges on each blade to enhance cost efficiency and blade longevity.

  • Angle Shear

The floating upper blade seats in the centre of the angle eliminating distortion ensuring the cut piece does not deform.

  • Coper Notch

The low rake angle blade keeps the part flat and under control during notching process.

  • Bending Attachment

The open ended attachment allows the angle to bent easily.

  • Installing the Attachment

The dovetail slide makes the bending attachment easy to install.

  • Ease of Use

All attachments and stations are at the same height making it easier to use. No need to adjsut the feed table height between stations.



  • Pipe/Tube Bending Attachment
  • Channel Die Block
  • Bending Attachments – Optional sizes range from 300 – 1120mm
  • 28XX Punch Attachment
  • Press Brake Tooling Holders
  • Quick set Gauging Tables – Fast set-up for punching multiple holes. Includes plate & angle-gauging guide bars. With left and right hand extensions available in 1.5m and 3m lengths.
  • Channel Shear
  • Bar Bender – Up to 65mm depending on available tonnage with adjustable die for different radii.
  • Mechanical Backgauges
  • Electrical Backgauges
  • 38mm Oversize Punch Attachment
  • Roller Feed Tables

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