What to Consider When Choosing a Metal Cutting Bandsaw


Like any shiny new investment, it is quite easy to get enticed into gadgets, sparkly extras and fall head over heels for the product with all the funky gizmos but when it comes to investing in a metal cutting bandsaw there are two key questions to consider:

Question 1: What is your main line of business?

Ask yourself, what are you looking to achieve with this bandsaw? The answer will greatly depend on which bandsaw range would be better suited to your needs. At Selmach Machinery our focus is providing a machinery solution that is best suited to your individual needs. Our bandsaws are available in three basic types; manual or gravity down feed, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

So, What Bandsaw Would Suit Your Business?


Question 2: Be realistic – what would be the largest section you would need to cut?

You don’t want to find yourself a few months down the line wishing you had chosen a larger capacity model as you were trying to cut back on a few corners. Nor do you want to have the largest machine in the range where the machine is so large and cumbersome it would hinder and slow down the cutting of small sections resulting in you not using the machine to its full potential.

Our Bandsaw Range Explained


Published 28th June 2017