What Bandsaw Would Suit Your Business?

What Bandsaw Would Suit Your BusinessWhat Bandsaw Would Suit Your Business

Bandsaws are an essential part to any busy workshop and selecting the right one for your circumstances will result in years of solid service.

General Fabrication

Do you want to cut a range of different materials? Would this be on a small to medium scale? If the answer is yes, and if your company needs the flexibility to cut a range of products on a smaller scale you would have the pick of our entire range depending on what it is you are wanting to achieve.

Structural Fabrication

Do you work in construction fabrication? Fabricate large steel beams and heavy flat plate? Normally you would require 2-3 bandsaws in your workshop to handle the vast range of cutting capacities you would deal with on a regular basis. Ideally, you would require a semi-automatic Twin Column bandsaw to cut large scale H I Beams over 300mm. With this you may require a 41-54mm blade to cope with the dynamic cutting pressure. For this type of work, you would to need to have a very coarse tooth pitch on the blade to cut the thicker materials. Or in the event where you are bundle cutting we would recommend the use of Goldcut profile blade which has a chipped tooth formation which can endure more vibration.  Obviously, a coarse blade would be unsuitable for cutting smaller materials such as small bar material and box section. Therefore, we would recommend the company having a smaller saw with a cutting capacity up to 300mm either a gravity pull down or semi-automatic saw. These saws would need to have a finer tooth pitch to cope with the thinner material.

Sheet Metalwork

Looking to handle smaller materials? Most sheet metal companies would opt for a smaller capacity pull down or semi-automatic bandsaw to cut small to medium materials such as box section, channel and possibly even small U and I Beams.

Precision Engineering

Typically, precision engineers are cutting solid bar and the bandsaw option can often be quicker than parting off on a lathe. Therefore, the semi-automatic and fully automatic options would be suited. The fully automatic bandsaw would be the better option if you are not restricted by budget as it will allow you to pre-set the length, speed and quantity of the cut without the need of the operator standing there. This also means you will be able to slow the cutting process which will help extend the life of the blade and quality of the cut.

If you are still unsure give us a call to discuss your options, and let us help you select a machine that is right for your business.


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Published 28th June 2017