Our Metalcutting Bandsaw Range Explained

Our Bandsaw Range ExplainedOur Bandsaw Range Explained

We offer an extensive range of metal working sawing machinery which can be broken down into three simple categories. From the everyday  single and double mitre bandsaw to the twin column fully automatic saws to the latest drill and saw lines at Selmach Machinery we are able to find the right solution for your business.

The Manual Pull Down/ Gravity Downfeed Bandsaw

Manual Pull Down models are the cheapest option and rely on the operator manually manoeuvring the bow during the cutting process.

Gravity models are slightly more expensive and rely on the weight of the bandsaw bow pressing down on the material which the feed rate speed can be controlled and adjusted. Machines like this can handle material up to 300mm capacity with ease, though tend to be a little slower in operation in that you need to raise the bow manually on cut completion and manual vice clamping. If price is your main consideration, then a pull down/gravity machine is worth every penny. Sometimes a manual/gravity downfeed machine can be quicker to use on a one off cut where as a fully automatic can speed up production on multiple cuts.

Semi-Automatic Bandsaw

Semi-automatic bandsaws have a hydraulic vice and bow operation, which gives the operator more control during the cutting process. On cut completion, the bow returns hydraulically ready for the next cut combined with the hydraulic vice these two features will with no doubt speed up your cutting process.  Smaller and lighter walled materials prone to tooth-clogging, can be addressed with a slow downward speed to prevent tooth damage. Solid and heavier walled materials can have a greater pressure applied to increase the cutting process.

Fully Automatic Bandsaws

Automatic bandsaws are more expensive but they can pretty much be left to themselves, with an operator only on hand to load new stock material. This bandsaw range increases production and minimises the risk of human error. They can also produce varying lengths of material and even mitre cuts with ease. Like the semi-automatic range the feed speed can be controlled and adjusted potentially increasing bandsaw blade life and a quality cut.

Bandsaws are an essential part to any busy workshop and selecting the right one for your circumstances will result in years of solid service.  Give us a call to discuss your options, and let us help you select a machine that is right for you.


So, What Bandsaw Would Suit Your Business?

Published 28th June 2017