Introduction of the Cybtouch 8 Controller

Front view Cybelec-Cybtouch-8-Control-Panel

At Selmach our range of guillotines and press brakes form a vital part of the arsenal of machinery we provide to individuals and companies across the world. Their reputations speak for themselves but a machine is only as strong as the sum of its parts, so when you supply a complete solution with the best possible range of extras and add-ons, getting everything right is vital…

In the case of our press brakes and guillotines, our relationship with Cybelec has enabled us to do exactly that; providing excellent CNC controller options in the form of the Cybtouch 6 controller, however; things are getting even better with the introduction of the new Cybtouch 8 model, from those very same masters of software and hardware design at Cybelec in Switzerland.

What does that mean for our customers? Well quite a lot actually; the Cybtouch 8 is above all else, simple to use, with intuitive and clear touch screen programming, it also has even more powerful features for maximum productivity and complements all types of adjustable rake angles and swing shears.

Designed to be understood and used by anyone straight away, the Cybtouch 8 displays everything you need to know and nothing else on its high contrast colour screen. The page displays are simple, the keys are large and setup is fast and convenient thanks to the controller’s Easycut page.

Complete programming can be done quite literally in seconds with superior automation taking care of blade gaps, cutting angles, cutting lengths and backgauge corrections, while the anti-twist management, system pressure management and RTS function ensures better cutting.

The system isn’t just sleek, it is also powerful with the ability to memorise the largest cutting sequences and programs, connectivity to other devices such as laptops is just as impressive thanks to the Cybtouch 8’s wireless connection facility and there are a range of over ten international languages available.

The Cybtouch 8 is available as a robust panel, ready to go or mounted to a bespoke housing ready for attachment to a swivelling arm.

In short, the Cybtouch 8 is more powerful, more intuitive and essentially; more productive for you and your business and builds on the reputation of the popular Cybtouch 6 model that came before it, in a way that only Cybelec can.

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Published 11th March 2019