Options Available on a Portable Punch

Promotech PRO Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine

Anyone who has used a portable punch knows that the ‘portable’ aspect of the machine is a huge benefit. In an environment where fixed steelworkers and punching machines are the norm, then moving around those large beams and heavy metal workpieces can present an array of serious issues. Not so with a portable solution, it goes exactly where you need it to and it does the job, quickly, safely and simply.

The range of portable punches we offer has been chosen to offer as much choice as possible, to cater for the diverse needs of our customers. There are three and each is a different beast to the other two, you can see them in action for yourself through a demonstration in one of our showrooms and like everything else that leaves our doors, you get first class after sales service and all the specialised training and support you need to get the most out of them. As always though; with choice and options comes the need to make decisions… To help with those, let’s have a look at each of the portable punches in our range.

The EP Punch EP Portable Punching Machine

Lightweight, compact and fast, the EP Portable is a serious time saver, but it’s also diverse, with a range of capacities and throat depths available. It is also self contained, steel encased and equally at home punching round or slotted holes making it ideal for site applications. The EP Punch is sub divided into four models. The EP-1406V has a rated capacity of 11 tonnes and weighing it an impressive 8kg, it has a maximum punching thickness of 6mm. At the heavier duty end of the range is the EP-2110V weighing in at 21kg with an impressive rated capacity of 30 tonnes and a punching thickness of 10mm

The APS Portable Punching Machine

The APS duo are heavier duty, but that means higher rated capacities (of 30 and 44 tonnes) and greater punching thicknesses of up to 16mm giving portability and power. The APS range can also be bench mounted and feature an almost noiseless operation, power inching for improved accuracy and come with a 5 metre hydraulic hose.

The Promotech PRO HP Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine

Taking its place at the top of our range are the mighty Promotech Pro 60HP & 110HP portable punches, boasting a maximum 47 tonne capacity and 110mm throat depth, they can easily take care of materials with thicknesses of up to 16mm quickly and quietly. There’s an equally impressive range of options too, such as a bench top stand, foot pedal controls, beam slide (with adjustable depth) and hoist set with adjustable height and balancer. They also feature adjustable depth stop, fully automated punching and return and a wide range of punches and dies in round, square and slots stocked and shipped as and when you need them.

If you have any questions about our range of portable hydraulic punches, which option might be best for you and your business or any other product in our range, get in touch today

Published 8th July 2019