Promotech PRO-60 HP Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine

Close up image of someone punching holes into a steel beam

If you are working with large beams or heavy metals, transporting them to your fixed steelworkers and punching machines can be, well…Let’s just say it isn’t practical, in fact let’s say a little more than that; it can be time consuming and at worst, downright dangerous.

Fortunately, the Promotech PRO-60 HP Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine is on hand, to provide a reliable, capable and cost effective way to take your machine to your workpiece, thoughtfully and intelligently designed and crafted by a company with over 30 years experience in our industry.

The Promotech PRO-60 HP Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine is portable, as the name implies, but it also packs considerable hydraulic punch with a rated capacity of 35 tonnes, and holes up to 27mm in diameter. Factor in intelligent control, automatic load detection and a wide range of dies and punches available in round, square and slot shapes and it quickly becomes clear that, despite its portability, the Promotech PRO-60 HP isn’t just an occasional, lightweight piece of kit, it is in fact much more.

With fast clean punching of holes up to 13mm in thickness, and a punching stroke of 18mm, punching time is 5 seconds with a 2 second return. You also get an almost noiseless operation, all from a machine weighing in at a mere 20kg.

The Promotech PRO-60 HP is equally at home punching both vertically and horizontally, and the 5M hydraulic hose ensures that portability is maximised, all connectors are at the rear too, adding to the user friendly feel of the machine, when it comes to selling points the PRO-60HP is not left wanting:

  • Double action fully automated punching and return processes
  • Intelligent control system with inching capability and loads detected automatically
  • Adjustable depth stop and protection against accidental start up
  • Mode indicator light and modern, user friendly design

The Promotech PRO-60 HP also comes with options, to cover every eventuality and every conceivable need. There is a beam slide with adjustable depth, and a full hoist set with adjustable height and balancer. There is also an option for foot pedal control and a bench top stand.

With benefits such as time saving, without sacrificing quality, as well as considerable savings on consumables compared to more traditional magnetic drilling machines, not to mention the ease of punching not just round, but square and slot holes, all in a highly portable machine, The Promotech PRO-60 HP Hydraulic Portable Punching Machine is a winner, and a worthy addition to the range of portable punching machines available here at Selmach.
If you have any questions about our range of portable hydraulic punchers, or any other product in our range, get in touch today.

Published 14th June 2018