Meet the machines: The Sterling Circular Saw

Close up detail of the circular saw blade

At Selmach we have offered the Sterling Circular Saw range to our customers for an incredible four decades now and they are as popular today as they were back when we started. That popularity has been well earned with a long history of consistent sales and high customer satisfaction. In an ever-changing industry that’s no small feat.

It is a feat however that both the Sterling SRC Semi-Automatic and the Sterling SRC Pull Down circular saws achieve admirably, thanks to many good, and one or two very unique reasons.

Firstly is the heavy duty construction, these machines are seriously solid, combine that with impressive reliability and you have a circular saw that never fails to inspire confidence. The oil-bathed gearbox is equally trustworthy; with a 2-speed motor which can handle any task sent its way. Adjustable length stop bars also come as standard, as does a coolant reservoir with return filter in the machine’s base (which incidentally, also comes as standard).

The Sterling semi automatic saw is perfectly suited to production cutting, boasting quick set mitring and an electrical coolant pump, there is also adjustable height for cutting strokes and a downfeed pressure regulator to aid the pneumatic vice operation. While the pull down model boasts an electrical coolant pump, adjustable length stop bar and the same double clamping anti-burr vice as its semi-automatic sister model.

Both machines feature a unique double clamping and self-centring vice to ensure that cutting is always undertaken in the optimum position and the workpiece is securely clamped. Combine that with the unique material slitting feature and it isn’t hard to see why these machines have been so popular for so long.

For cutting that is more precise than a bandsaw, for precision jobs such as aluminium window frames and similar tasks where accuracy is everything, the Sterling circular saw offers the perfect solution, robust and with a first class finish. They are built to last, designed for reliability and always used with confidence.

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Published 8th February 2019