Meyer SG1046 Lathe 415V


At Selmach Machinery we offer an extensive range of metal engineering lathes including the Meyer SG1046 Lathe 415V. The Meyer Precision Lathes range from 330mm to 660mm swing capacities and from 1000mm to 3000mm distance between centres. The heavy duty SG machines are available in eight different sizes and have the added benefit of 2 axis DRO and the super quick tool change system fitted as standard equipment. All Meyer lathes are of the Gap Bed design with precision ground bed and saddle. Meyer machines are equipped with generous levels of standard equipment including 3 and 4 jaw chucks and face plate.

Technical Spec

Swing Over Bed:460mm
Swing Over Cross Slide:274mm
Swing Over Gap:690mm
Length Of Gap:155mm
Distance Between Centres:1000mm
Width Of Bed:300mm
Feed Rates – Longitudinal: No. Of Steps42
Feed Rates – Longitudinal Range: mm/rev0.031 – 1.7 mm/rev
Feed Rates – Cross: No Of Steps42
Feed Rates – Cross Range: mm/rev0.014 – 0.784 mm/rev
Max Travel Of Cross Slide:290mm
Max Travel Of Compound Rest:120mm
Thread Cutting – Metric : No. Of Steps41
Thread Cutting – Metric Range:0.1 – 14mm
Thread Cutting – Imperial: No. Of Steps60
Thread Cutting – Imperial Range: TPI2 – 112 TPI
Thread Cutting – Diametric: No. Of Steps50
Thread Cutting – Diametric Range: DP4 – 112 DP
Thread Cutting – Module: No. Of Steps34
Thread Cutting – Module Range: MP0.1 – 7 MP
Thread Cutting – Lead Screw Pitch:6mm
Head Stock – Spindle Nose:D1-6
Head Stock – Spindle Bore:58mm
Head Stock – Spindle Bore Taper:6 MT
Head Stock – Spindle Speeds: No. Of Steps12
Head Stock – Speeds Range: Rpm25 – 2000 Rpm
Tailstock – Quill Diameter:69mm
Tailstock – Quill Travel:120mm
Tailstock – Quill Taper: MT4 MT
Motor: Kw4 Kw
Weight:1720 Kg


  • Taper turning attachment.


* Heavy duty.
* Chuck guard with interlock switch.
* Halogen lamp.
* Fixed steady.
* Travelling steady.
* 4 jaw chuck.
* 3 jaw chuck.
* Face plate.
* Coolant system.
* 2 axis DRO.
* Super quick tool change system with 4 holders.