Cidan K25-30 Folding Machine


The Cidan K25-30 Folding Machine is a fast and easy to use machine made in a sturdy all-weld steel construction with cast iron side frames fro stability. The K25 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. This machine covers a wide range of different usage areas in the manufacturing industry. Both the folding beam and the clamping beam have twin drives.

Technical Spec

MODEL  K25-30
Folding Length mm3100
Folding Capacity Steel* mm2.00
Folding Capacity Stainless Steel** mm1.20
Folding Capacity Aluminum*** mm3.00
Opening Height – Clamping Beam mm135
Outer Dimensions L x W x H mm4190 x 1600 x 1700
Weight kg 3685
Motor – Clamping Beam kw 1.5
Motor – Folding Beam kw 1.5


*400 N/mm2  – 58000 psi – **600 N/mm2 – 87000 psi – ***200 N/mm2 – 29000 psi – **** with combi clamping beam and  motorised back gauge SBG – 15


  • Control System ProLink with touch screen and graphic programming
  • Off line program for ProLink
  • Motorised back gauge SBG or LBG
  • Ball transfers in back gauge table standard on SBG (option on LBG)
  • Squaring arm
  • Height adjustable back gauge (0-40mm) require multifold
  • Combi clamping beam 30° straight rail and 103 mm high box tooling with radius 1mm
  • Multifold tooling execution with divided lower beam (height 42mm) and divided folding beams rails (10mm & 20mm) requires combi
  • Straight rail and box tooling with 0.75mm radius kit
  • Folding beam rail 25mm or 30mm with quick change
  • Round folding rail (R=2.5/5/10mm)
  • Frequency/servo drivven motors for both clamping and folding beams
  • Hardened rails and tools (undivided HRC 45, divided HRC 55)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Movable foot switch on rail
  • Movable tool cart for divided tools
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch


  • Control System EasyLink with touch screen for input and storage of folding operations
  • Clamping beam with straight rail 30°
  • Lower beam rail
  • Double sided folding beam rail 7/10mm with quick change tooling (bayonet style) – Not for multifold execution
  • Folding beam rail 20mm with quick change tool (bayonet style) – Not for multifold execution
  • Manual crowning of folding beam rail