Morgan Rushworth EXR Folding Machine

Morgan Rushworth CNC Combi EXR Folder

The Morgan Rushworth EXR range of CNC folders are manufactured with a rotating upper beam with one straight rail and one set of high divided tools that can both be utilised in the same folding program without any manual tool change. This versatile design enables high accuracy, high consistency and high productivity as there is only one initial tool set up to carry out. This is ideal for many folding operations including rectangular panel work with return edges to the four sides. The operator sets the program, folds the two long lengths with the straight rail, the upper beam then automatically rotates and the two ends are then folded with the high divided tools, resulting on the completed panel.

The backgauge is integral to the rear support table, which is ideal for the folding of large sheets as the weight of the material is supported, resulting in a traditionally two operator job, being able to be performed with just one. The advanced 2D touch screen CNC, controls all upper beam clamping and rotating, folding beam and back gauge movements, with optional 3D touch screen to further assist the operator. Both controllers provide a view of the folded part, calculates whether the job is possible or not, the developed length and the bending sequence including whether to turn material over or around.

Morgan Rushworth CNC Combi EXR Folder
Morgan Rushworth CNC Combi EXR FolderMorgan Rushworth CNC Combi EXR Folder
Morgan Rushworth Combi-Beam
Morgan Rushworth Combi-Beam
Morgan Rushworth ESR Folding Machine bed
Optional brush table for sensitive materials
Morgan Rushworth ESR Folding Machine bed
Morgan Rushworth EXR Tooling
EXR Tooling
Morgan Rushworth EXR Tooling
Morgan Rushworth CNC Folder Backgauge
Standard Backgauge
Morgan Rushworth CNC Folder Backgauge
ModelEXR 2550.25EXR 3200.20EXR 4200.15
Bending Widthmm255032004200
Bending Thickness – Mild Steelmm2.51.53.5
Bending Thickness – Stainless Stainlessmm1.51.23
Bending Thickness – Aluminiummm3.512
Stroke Depthmm160 on 180°160 on 180°160 on 180°
Back Gaugemm100010001000
Clamping Beam Axis Speedmm/sec706060
Folding Beam Axis Speedmm/sec858585
Back Gauge Axis Speedmm/sec200200200
Clamping Beam MotorkW333
Folding Beam MotorkW1.51.51.5
Back Gauge MotorkW0.40.40.4


  • Bending angle from 0 – 150 degrees
  • 20 degree 1mm sharp nose clamping beam rail with 25mm clearance on one side of rotating beam
  • 90mm high divided box tools on other side of rotating beam
  • 10mm and 25mm wide folding beam rails
  • Fast 1 metre powered backgauge integral to rear table with roller balls
  • Flat lower beam with feather style backgauge fingers
  • 15.6” 2D touch screen control on swinging arm for front and rear operation
  • High speed and high pressure clamping
  • Virtually no marking on material
  • Safe edge can be achieved without tool change
  • Very quiet with low energy consumption as motors only run when machine is working
  • Manual folding beam adjustment
  • Manual crowning system
  • Front light guards barriers.


  • 3D CNC touch screen controller
  • 2D and 3D offline software for PC
  • Longer length back gauges with U and L shape configurations
  • Squaring arm for rear backgauge table
  • Stainless steel backgauge table
  • Brush table to protect material
  • Motorised folding beam adjustment

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