Cidan Futura Plus 30 Folding Machine


The Cidan Futura Plus 30 folding machine is motorised with the maximum capacity of 3.0mm folding length. The Futura Plus stands for strength, speed, flexibility and operational comfort. The combination of the ProLink control system, motorised back gauge and operation via foot switch makes it possible for one person to fold parts up to 4100mm. Cidan’s decades of experience are reflected in both its technology and design. This machine is efficient at folding large parts in high quantities with precision and it is possible to make rapid adjustments to set up for single part production.

Technical Spec

MODEL  Futura Plus 30
Folding Length mm3100
Folding Capacity Steel* mm3.00
Folding Capacity Stainless Steel** mm1.90
Folding Capacity Aluminum*** mm4.50
Opening Height – Clamping Beam mm195
Outer Dimensions L x W x H mm4100 x 2300 x 1845
Weight kg4750
Motor – Clamping Beam kw2.2
Motor – Folding Beam kw1.5 +1.5


*400 N/mm2  – 58000 psi – **600 N/mm2 – 87000 psi – ***200 N/mm2 – 29000 psi – **** with combi clamping beam and  motorised back gauge SBG – 15


  • Motorised back gauge with ball transfers as standard
  • With ball transfers as standard
  • Solid back gauge fingers (min. dimension 6mm)
  • Squaring arm
  • Height adjustable back gauge (0-45mm) requires multifold
  • Mulitfold tooling execution with divided lower beam rail and folding beam rails 10mm & 20mm
  • High divided tolls 125, 150, 200mm height with quick change and C-shape tools with height 125 or 150mm. Radius = 1.0mm
  • Straight rail and box tooling with 0.75mm radius kit (hardened)
  • Round folding rails (R=2.5 and 4.0mm)
  • Folding beam rails 7, 10 and 20mm
  • Hardened rails and tools (undivided HRC 45, divided HRC 55)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Automatic stop of folding beam on collision with operator
  • Movable foot switch on rail
  • Laser scanner at folding side of machine
  • Extra foot pedal with switch
  • Movable tool cart for divided tolls
  • Off line program for ProLink
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch


  • Control System ProLink with touch screen and graphic programming
  • Automatic adjustment of sheet thicknesses 0-4.0mm manually 4-20mm
  • Lower beam rail
  • Folding beam rail 10mm and 20mm with quick change tooling
  • Combi clamping beam with straight rail 30°  excl. high divided tools
  • Manual crowning of folding beam rail
  • Frequency/servo driven motors for both clamping and folding beams, for variable folding speed
  • Continuous cooling of the motor for the upper beam