Morgan Rushworth HVA Hydraulic Corner Notching Machine

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HVA-Hydraulic-Corner-Notching-Machine

The HVA hydraulic corner notching machine has a cutting capacity of 220mm x 6mm or 250mm x 10mm  with a variable angle. With a rigid head and GS500 cast iron workbench, these corner notchers are designed for a long working life.

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HVA-Hydraulic-Corner-Notching-Machine
Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HVA-Hydraulic-Corner-Notching-MachineMain view - Morgan-Rushworth-HVA-Hydraulic-Corner-Notching-Machine
mmmmM/Steel mmS/Steel mmKwmmmm
HVA 220/6M400130° – 140°22064335950 x 890950
HVA 250/10M400230° – 135°2501065.5401020 x 8001430


  • Rigid head and GS500 cast iron workbench with conical grooves for optimal adherence of the squares.
  • Cut can start from top of blades or from the base.
  • Automatic adjustment of gap between blades from 1 to 6mm (patented).
  • Set of goniometric squares.


  • Stainless steel cutting blades.

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