Baykal BLS ECO 1530 Side Loading Laser

Main view - Baykal-BLS-ECO-1530-Side-Loading-Laser

BLS ECO Side Loading Fiber Laser Cutting Machines cover a wide range of industrial applications. Manufactured as “All in One Box” Design structure, the BLS ECO has built in Resonator, Chiller with dual motorised table. A range of fiber power sources starting from 500W to 2500 W are Available.The “BLS ECO” uses new generation high performance linear axis system with high performance rack and high performance class pinion.

With usage of fiber laser technology there is no need to move the laser source or plate, thus allowing high speed, high accuracy cutting and coupled with dual full size pallets maximum production throughput. Machines have simple and User-friendly operator interface and extensive cutting database.

Main view - Baykal-BLS-ECO-1530-Side-Loading-Laser

This product is now discontinued however we'd be happy to discuss alternative options with you. If you're looking for consumables, servicing or spare parts for this product, please contact our sales team.

Main view - Baykal-BLS-ECO-1530-Side-Loading-LaserMain view - Baykal-BLS-ECO-1530-Side-Loading-Laser
Detail of cutting torch on BLS Baykal LaserDetail of cutting torch on BLS Baykal Laser
Cutting detail on BLS Baykal LaserCutting detail on BLS Baykal Laser
Cutting detail on BLS Baykal LaserCutting detail on BLS Baykal Laser
Baykal BLS ECO 1530 Side Loading Laser image 5Baykal BLS ECO 1530 Side Loading Laser image 5
Controller programme control detail on BLS Baykal LaserController programme control detail on BLS Baykal Laser
Side view BLS Baykal LaserSide view BLS Baykal Laser
Rearview with table BLS Baykal LaserRearview with table BLS Baykal Laser
Baykal BLS ECO 1530 Side Loading Laser image 10Baykal BLS ECO 1530 Side Loading Laser image 10
CNC Control Unit Beckhoff CNC (15″ TFT Colour Monitor  Windows 7)
Nesting Software LANTEK CAD / CAM System
Work Place Dimensions 1500 x 3000mm
X Axis (Rock & Pinion) 3000mm
Y Axis (Rock & Pinion) 1500mm
Z Axis (Ball Screw) 100mm
Rapid Traverse (X & Y Axis) 90m/min
Vector Speed 130m/mm
Acceleration 1.2G (12m/s2)
Absolute Positioning Accuracy ±0.08mm
 Feed Rate  Programmable up to 50 m/min. Actual feedrate depends on material and thickness.
Repeatability (X & Y) ±0.03mm
Beam Quality (mm-mrad)  ≤ 2.3 with 50 μm fiber

≤ 4 with 100 μm fiber

Focusing Lenses 125mm
Transfer Table Motorised – Automatic Exchange
Max. Load Capacity 900kg
Automatic Nozzle Cleaning and Calibration Standard
Cutting Head Precitec Light Cutter




  • All in one box design
  • High speed beam switching at fixed height with precise positioning accuracy produces very high speed uninterrupted profiling with minimal axis stopping or deceleration
  • The basting of right-angled separate contours, which are located on plane, to avoid corner processing.
  • Speed is reduced in only a very small number of changes in direction
  • High cut speed
  • High axis optimisation
  • Dynamic axis movement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Low investment and training costs
  • Nlight Fiber from 500W – 100KW
  • Intuitive Controller
  • Side Access CNC transfer table
  • Precitec autofocus head
  • Motorised transfer table
  • Small footprint


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