What type of High Definition Plasma Machine will suit your business

Detail of the plasma cutting head cutting metalDetail of the plasma cutting head cutting metal

If you are looking to invest in a plasma cutting machine then sooner or later the question will arise of which type will be best for you.

It is a common misconception that all plasma machines achieve a very similar level of end result and they can vary wildly from small machines built to run in home workshops, all the way up to powerful commercial machines which are fully automated for production line levels of efficiency. One of the most often encountered decisions is whether to opt for a traditional Single Gas Plasma Machine, or a High Definition Plasma cutter…

Single gas Plasma machines have their uses and can prove to be a cost-effective addition to your company’s arsenal as you can see for yourself in our comparison article dedicated to them here, but despite their many benefits, they are machines with limitations for a lot of businesses…


A life with far less limits

A vast majority of those limitations, such as cut quality, productivity and limits on material thicknesses can be eliminated in one fell swoop by investing in High Definition Plasma. A machine and cutting process that really shines when faced with thicker materials, aluminium and stainless steels. Material thicknesses to hole diameter ratios can be as impressive as 1:1 compared with a ratio of around 1.5:1 with the best Single Gas Plasmas. You might not need that kind of cutting power today, but what might tomorrow bring..? If future proofing your business is the order of the day, then High Definition Plasma is a very smart way to go.


Much greater control

Not just that, faster cutting too, with much lower levels of dross and far greater reductions in edge bevelling, both of which are often the curse of Single Gas Plasma cutting. Greater control comes from much closer control of the cutting arc itself, narrowed and focussed by the very latest nozzle designs, materials and energy density increases delivering superior cut quality and edge angularity with overall accuracies within as much as 5mm”.



The thought of achieving much more while actually doing less is a powerful one for any business, but with a High Definition Plasma machine that prospect may well be more than just a pipe dream. Expect high levels of automation as well as superior cut quality. CAM software has the potential to capture and replicate the very best of your workforce expertise as many times as you need it to, managing your day to day output efficiently and extending your machine’s consumable life span. All while delivering a first class service.

Get in touch today or visit one of our national showrooms to see our range of High Definition Plasma cutting machines for yourself, see how they compare to Single Gas Plasma machines and get a glimpse of the future with the mighty Hypertherm range.

Published 27th November 2019