What else can I use my Horizontal Bending Press for?

What else can I use my Horizontal Bending Press for?

Our range of Morgan Rushworth Horizontal Bending Press machinery (HBM) comes in a wide range of tonnage, from 10 to 100 tonnes. 

With their compact size, and simple controls, these are a must for virtually any fabrication shop. These machines have proved capable of performing a whole variety of bending applications. With specialist tooling, they can be adapted to a wide range of tasks. 

Bending with a horizontal bending press 

As the name implies, the first and foremost usage of an HBM is for bending and forming brackets and cleats for fabrication purposes. Available with a range of tooling, a wide variety of angles and folds can be achieved. Optimal accuracy and repeatability is achievable by using the variable and programmable stroke limits. A stroke limit and return limit allows for efficient processing on repeat jobs. This means each bend is repeatable, ideal for rapid fabrication of parts.  

The standard tooling on the machine allows for a wide variety of angles. We can supply an assortment of different radius punches, vs and multi-vs to suit your requirements.

Bolt punches (like the image above) are also available for tight radius situations, where the bent material would otherwise collide with the standard tooling.  

Bar straightening 

There are many instances where you may need a machine to straighten out material. For instance, you may have punched several holes in a piece of flat on your steelworker, and the material has bowed as a result. With the stroke and return set correctly, you can rectify any bowing of the material, and get it back to a usable condition. This can be done with the standard tooling options, or a separate bar straightening tool can be used if this is a regular occurrence. 

Extended Die Tooling

A piece of extended die tooling adds further versatility to your HBM machine. The additional length of the tooling not only means you can prevent collisions of material, but you can also achieve greater bends and more complicated shapes as a result.

Pipe / tube bending 

Another tooling option available is a pipe bending attachment. While not a substitute for a dedicated tube bending machine, if you have the occasional need for bending pipe, this attachment could be perfect. If you have an HBM, this extra tooling is a cost-effective way of adding additional capabilities. It then doesn’t use extra floor space that another machine would take up, and is much cheaper than an alternative machine. Just bear in mind that the finished material has been pressed into shape, rather than bent around, some crimping may occur. 

Specialist or one-off tooling 

Given the versatility of these machines, specialist and one-off tooling can be manufactured, if you have a particular need. Whether it’s for forming a complex part, prototyping, or replacing an existing manual process, we may be able to help. Our machinery consultants can advise on any additional requirements you may have, and the options that we can offer to help. Reach out to us at sales@selmach.com or ring 01432 346 580. 

For more complex, or high volume bending we would certainly recommend taking a look at our range of box & pan folders and pressbrakes. 

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Published 15th November 2021