Meet the machines – The Horizontal Bending Press

Detail of the Morgan Rushworth Horizontal Press ToolingDetail of the Morgan Rushworth Horizontal Press Tooling

Horizontal bending presses are the perfect partner when it comes to straightening, punching, shearing and bending with real precision. They might not see as much use in your business as your Corner Notcher or Pressbrake but for angle bending of cleats, bracketry and small parts as well as specialised tooling such as bar straightening and pipe bending, the Horizontal Press can handle thicker materials and deliver genuine production line efficiency all day long…

Our range is built around two different Presses. Firstly there is our very own Morgan Rushworth HBM range, capable and adaptable with seven different capacities, beginning with the HBM 10/150, featuring a maximum pressure of 10 tonnes and a tooling height of 150mm, all the way up to the mighty HMB 100/300, a machine capable of 100 tonnes maximum pressure, a 10kw motor and like all the models in the range; a 10mm per second working and return speed.

The CE-Mark approved Morgan Rushworth HBM range also come with a mighty range of other features, foot pedal operation is standard with three-position digital readout, induction hardened and ground tooling pins, a choice of manual or automatic working systems and unparalleled accuracy thanks to digital stroke adjustments, (more information on the HBM Digital Readout System and how easy it is to use can be found here).

The Morgan Rushworth range is impressive in the sheer versatility and the levels of choice it offers, and to take that to another level entirely we also offer the impressive SIMASV Hydraulic range. These top of the line machines combine power with ease of use, thanks to powerful hydraulic cylinders located below the table, giving a spacious working area, letting you perform enclosed bends without colliding with the machine’s frame. The four models in the SIMASV range offer capacities from 22 to 100 tonnes, with rapid change tool pins, a massive range of specialised tooling and very quiet operation, they can be seen and fully demonstrated, along with our Morgan Rushworth presses at any of our national showrooms.

We have found over time that the most popular Bending Presses tend to fall in the 10-40 tonne capacity range, but the machines we offer ensure that whatever capacities you need, we can provide you with a Horizontal Bending Press that combines value for money with genuine heavy duty reliability, as well as full, impartial advice, training, consumables and of course, our esteemed after-sales care and support service.

For more information on our Morgan Rushworth HBM and SIMASV T Hydraulic horizontal bending presses click, tap or call us on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website

Published 20th August 2019