Meet the machines – Corner Notchers

Close detail of the Corner Notcher and Angle Gauges

The trusty Corner Notcher, it stands dutifully in the corner, always ready and always willing. It might be hours or even days until you need it again but sooner or later you certainly will need it. It might be a spring clip, a sheet metal tray, a box or bracket. It might not see the lion’s share of the use in your workplace, but that doesn’t make it any less essential.

These trusty work horses sit proudly at Selmach HQ and we are always eager to demonstrate them to customers and visitors. They are simple, hard working and built to last… Often they are purchased as add-ons along with other machinery such as our Pressbrakes and Box & Pan folders, they also represent a considerably more cost effective option than plasma and laser cutters for certain tasks.

The three Corner Notchers we offer give a wide variety of choice for both requirements and budgets. First up is our very own Morgan Rushworth hydraulic HFA machine which is a fixed angle machine. Less than a metre wide, their 3kw motor can handle up to 40 strokes per minute up to a capacity of 8mm (m/steel) and the Rigid head and GS500 cast iron workbench guarantee a long, loyal lifespan.

We also offer the Morgan Rushworth hydraulic HVA machine for variable angle notching up to a 10mm cutting capacity on mild steel and 6mm on stainless steel. Like its fixed angle sister machine, the HFA, you can choose to cut from the top or the base on workpieces up to 250mm x 10mm. Both machines feature our patented automatic adjustment of the gap between the blades from 1-6mm and both will sit happily in the corner, just waiting for that moment when you need them.

Fixed angle machines are always more popular than variable angle notchers so it makes sense to bolster our range with other options and few are as good as the RVD 220/6 fixed angle Corner Notcher. It is small in stature much like the Morgan Rushworth machines but that doesn’t mean a lack of power and reliability. The RVD 220/6 can handle 45 strokes per minute, lengths up to 220mm and stainless steel up to 4mm thick, the 650 x 780 cast iron workbench features conical grooves for optimum control and accuracy and like all our machines; comes with a set of goniometric squares and our renowned after sales care and support.

These three machines make up our range of Corner Notchers; each is designed and built to last, for those sporadic but no less vital jobs. They can be quickly and easily powered up when needed to do the job. They are machines that still have an important relevance despite the onset of CNC punching; for certain applications such as modifying existing components, as well as irregular or one-off jobs then few can equal the Corner Notcher.

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Published 12th July 2019