Meet the machines: The Morgan Rushworth Hydraulic Steelworker


This week we turn our attention towards two of the line-ups that form a major part of our comprehensive hydraulic steelworker range; the 415V HST and HSW models, both designed and crafted by Morgan Rushworth. Our HST range are twin operated machines that are all about accuracy and sheer power, whilst the HSW machines are designed with volume, production and efficiency in mind.

Together, the HST and HSW range are a formidable line-up, catering for every need our customers come across. The HSW range covers tonnages of 45 or 60 with the 60 ton being the most popular for the needs of most general fabricators, while the HST machines take care of heavier 70, 95 and 125 tonnages.

The essential difference between the HST and HSW hydraulic steelworkers is the number of rams each machine has. The HSW steelworkers have one ram, and therefore a single foot pedal, meaning that only one function on the machine can be used at any given time. Since there is a single ram, it is centrally located at the base of the machine, meaning that for the punch end; the punch comes down in an arc.

HST steelworkers are a different beast as they have two rams, and two-foot pedals, meaning that two different operators; can perform two completely different tasks at the same time on the one machine. One of the rams is located at the punch end but it doesn’t come down in an arc, it comes down vertically and can give a cleaner, straighter cut which can be a major advantage for some fabricators.

The steelworker is often known as the fabricator’s workhorse and with very good reason, it has five separate stations; the punch end, notch end, shear sheet, shear bar and shear angle.

The Punch end, where consumables such as punches and dies are often changed forms an essential, and much used part of the steelworker, with the HSW and HST ranges the punch can be used in adjustment mode, allowing the operator to hover over the material to check positioning. There are also two limit switches, shortening the return and limiting the travel of the punch for fast, efficient repeating of tasks.
The shear stations can also be limited to suit the task at hand, with ‘auto touch and cut’ allowing material to be fed through and automatically cut when it hits the stop.

With intuitive design, an hydraulic system that can be easily reset manually, a convenient magnetic work light and a central lubrication system that only needs activating once a day to lubricate all areas of the machine, it isn’t hard to see why the Morgan Rushworth range of steelworkers continue to be a popular choice. See the HST70 in action for yourself over on our YouTube channel.

*** New for 2021, check out our new HSV compact vertical hydraulic steelworker, ideal for tightly packed workshops, or for regular angle cutting, due to it’s vertical ram angle shear ***

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Published 10th October 2018