The Hypertherm Plasma Range

Close up of a hypertherm plasma torch sparking whilst cuttingClose up of a hypertherm plasma torch sparking whilst cutting

At Selmach our search for likeminded partners with the potential to offer our customers strong value and reliable service takes us literally all over the world. Just once in a while we strike gold, in the case of Hypertherm and their range of plasma cutters, our search took us across the Atlantic to the USA and we are delighted to say it was a worthwhile search…We struck gold!

Hypertherm have been around since the late 1960’s, from humble beginnings and with quiet commitment, innovation and a deeply impressive knowledge of their customer’s needs, they have crafted a company and an ever more impressive range of machinery that we couldn’t help but be impressed by. Now 50 years after their creation, they are one of Forbes magazine’s best mid-sized employers in the entire United States, creating cutting edge machinery that enjoys a fine reputation for all the right reasons; no small feat in a country and industry the size of America’s.

Back at Selmach HQ, what does that mean for us and our customers? Our range of Morgan Rushworth metal cutting plasma’s already form part of an impressive range bolstered by other top names such as Ajan and Morgan Rushworth. Resting on our laurels however, has never been the Selmach way and we always strive to offer an even wider choice for our customers, while keeping value and quality in mind. In conjunction with Hypertherm, we can drive that ethos forwards, walking the walk, not just talking the talk and making our great range even greater.

The Hypertherm range features industry-leading X-definition cut quality by blending new technology with time trusted and refined processes for the consistent and superior cutting of stainless steel and thick and thin mild steel. Cut speeds are equally impressive, even on thicker materials, significantly reducing operating costs and dramatically improving consumable life spans.

But it doesn’t end there; add things such as wifi connectivity to mobile devices and LAN for monitoring and servicing, the Quicklock™ system for easy consumable replacement and automated servicing and system monitoring and it becomes a lot clearer exactly why Hypertherm and the latest systems in their formidable plasma range are so popular, and why we are delighted to offer them.

Precision, efficiency and a quality of cut that needs to be seen to be believed are all par for the course with the Hypertherm plasma range, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself at one of our regional showrooms.

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Published 13th December 2018