Could your business benefit from an Ajan metal cutting Plasma?

Image of Ajan Plasma Head Cutting MetalImage of Ajan Plasma Head Cutting Metal
Image of Ajan Plasma Head Cutting Metal

Are you in need of state-of-the-art plasma cutting technology? Then look no further than the new kid on the block, the Ajan High Definition CNC metal cutting plasma; cutting technology at its best. The Ajan range of plasma cutters is an exceptional choice, and we are proud to be able to offer this product to our customers.

Ajan’s metal cutting plasma machines are heavy duty. Constructed of a strong steel frame, they are designed to cope with constant, high-speed production. Each offers high-quality profile cutting, with a pristine, virtually dross-free finish and excellent edge squareness on many materials. For you, this means a consistent quality product, every time.

With an Ajan plasma cutter you’ll get CAD/CAM software including comprehensive features and free software upgrades. And there are many more features and benefits to these machines including an automatic gas console, automatic torch height control, and ‘Optohole’ technology for bolt hole optimisation, advanced bevel cutting plasma head, and oxy cutting torches – all designed to make your cutting an easier process.

The machines come with a waterbed as a standard option or you can choose a heavy industrial extraction/filtration system (that can also be connected to factory extraction system) means cleaner air. And the bridge and rails being separate from the machine bed, means that there is no heat transfer from the plasma head down onto the machine bed.

For Ajan, an independent company based in Turkey, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do. With pristine, high-tech workshops and the well-tended equipment – all reflects their dedication to a fast and efficient service.

And as part of their excellent service, Ajan is committed to the in-house manufacture of every part of its product. So, you need not go around the houses to obtain components and add-on tools. Everything is done in the Ajan workshop, from inception to design to manufacture, down to the very last nut and bolt. And every part is individually tested for quality and robustness to ensure you get the best possible product. With such exceptional commitment to quality control you’d expect this to be reflected in the price but no, the consumable parts are cheaper than other parts manufacturers.

Ajan’s pledge to the best quality product and the best customer service is also the reason they can offer technical support throughout the working life of the machine. So, if you’re in the market for a new metal cutting plasma, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t seriously consider one from the Ajan range – a company that truly cares about its end product.

Published 15th February 2018