7 reasons to choose a Morgan Rushworth Cone Bending machine

Morgan Rushworth Conical Bending Machine with Control Panel

Whatever you need to create a cone for – whether for architectural purposes or as part of a larger piece – you need a machine that is reliable and produces an accurate bend.

When it comes to creating a top quality finished product a Morgan Rushworth machine takes some beating. A trusted brand you can rely on, our specialist range of Morgan Rushworth Conical Sheet Bending machine will give you the perfect cone for your needs.

So, why would you choose a Morgan Rushworth Cone Bending machine?

  • Versatile – The Morgan Rushworth Cone Bending machines are capable of bending a range of materials into conical shapes, including light plates, aluminium and stainless-steel material.
  • Accurate – Positioning is vital if you’re to create the perfect cone. The pinch roll and lateral roll hydraulic pistons ensures accurate and consistent positioning.
  • Effortless – The Morgan Rushworth Cone Bending machine is easy to operate thanks to its electrical motor and planetary gearbox. This is enhanced by the five digital readouts for the roll positions.
  • Good vision and control – The mobile control panel means you have a clear view of the material being processed so you can ensure all is working as it should be.
  • A quality finish – The special polished rolls means that you get a high quality, blemish-free, finished product.
  • Quick release – There’s no messing about trying to wrestle the cone from the machine. The hydraulic drop-end release allows for easy and quick removal of your product, so you can move onto the next one quickly and efficiently.
  • Heavy duty – As with any Morgan Rushworth machine, the Conical Sheet Bending machine is built with durability in mind. Constructed of a heavy-duty welded steel frame and sturdy design, you can be confident that this machine will give you years of hard labour.

So, if you’re looking for a machine that bends cones with no hassle and no fuss then the Morgan Rushworth Conical Sheet Bending machine is definitely worth a look.

Published 25th April 2018