Taipan, an abrasive belt with a strong bite

Close up image of blue abrasive beltClose up image of blue abrasive belt

The Taipan Abrasives Group (TAG) are a specialised company, committed to developing and providing a range of quality industrial abrasive products. Much like ourselves they are a company that is well respected, for reliability, consistent quality and unique solutions.

The Taipan original is perfect for sanding everything from low alloy steel to plastics, leathers, rubber and wood. It is a resin bonded, closed coated belt with a grit range of 24-120 and is a long life zirconia abrasive suitable for wet applications.

The Taipan platinum belt is the go-to abrasive belt for welding seams and nodular cast iron as well as cast steel and pig iron, it is resin bonded the same as the Taipan original, but is top size and closed coated and is a high performance ceramic abrasive with a grit range of 24-120 and brings impressive heat and friction resistance, like the original range it is also suitable for wet applications.

Both the platinum and original abrasive belts have impressive long life qualities, thanks to their YY polyester cloth backing they achieve high levels of grinding efficiency across the broadest range of materials and situations.

With the combination of the blue Taipan original, delivering an everyday range of industrial abrasives of quality and exceptional value for all general and coarse grinding operations, and the all new red Taipan platinum providing a premium option that does not have to cost the earth, with incredible performance and efficiency, aggressive removal rates and ceramic self-sharpening stone. We believe that offering both ranges together can give our customers a solution to every requirement, and a range of products that will impress.
If you have any questions regarding abrasive belts, the new Taipan range or for any other abrasive-related enquiries then get in touch any time.

Published 20th July 2018