Morgan Rushworth HPS Hydraulic Swaging Machine

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HPS-Hydraulic-Swaging-Machine

The Morgan Rushworth range of MS, PS and HPS swaging machines are available in manual, powered and hydraulic variants. Swaging machines are designed to form various shapes to sheet material and are particularly suited for tubular ductwork applications. Easily interchangeable rolls are included as standard equipment to form the specific shape required.

Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HPS-Hydraulic-Swaging-Machine
Main view - Morgan-Rushworth-HPS-Hydraulic-Swaging-MachineMain view - Morgan-Rushworth-HPS-Hydraulic-Swaging-Machine
Front view Morgan-Rushworth-PS-260-Powered-Swaging-MachineFront view Morgan-Rushworth-PS-260-Powered-Swaging-Machine
MODELHPS 260/4.0
Roll Diametermm132
Throat depth with gaugemm260
Throat depth without gaugemm500
Motorkw2.2 + 0.55


  • Steel welded frame
  •  Adjustable idler roll
  • Adjustable end stop
  • Reduction motor with brake – PS and HPS
  • Hydraulic top roll adjustment – HPS 260
  • 3 sets of standard rolls – PS 260, and HPS 260
  • 5 sets of standard rolls – MS 250 and PS 250
  • Optional special rolls available


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