The RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube Laser

Detail of Laser Head Cutting Tube BarDetail of Laser Head Cutting Tube Bar

Dim the lights and get ready for a fanfare, there is a new laser in town and it is worthy of all the anticipation. You might ask yourself why, you might even wonder what all the fuss is about… So let’s introduce you to the RVD Smart Fibre Tube Laser and give you a hyperbole-free, honest overview of what it’s all about, what it can do for you and your business and why the anticipation is justified…

As we are fond of mentioning at Selmach, a lot of thought goes in to the additions we make to our various ranges. The ethos is clear; quality is paramount, as our reputation grows or suffers based on the equipment we sell. Value for money is also important but so is the fact that each and every single item we sell, from components and consumables to state of the art behemoths such as the RVD Smart Fibre Tube Laser have to improve and build on what we already offer, giving more choice and more options to our customers.

The RVD Smart Fibre ticks all those boxes, that is the reason for our anticipation and here are just some of the reasons why.

One of the main reasons has to be unparalleled productivity, across a massive array of tubular profiles and sections of every wall thickness, length, diameter and material type. Add to that an optional automatic loading system capable of processing up to 2500kg and large scale, precision-production of the most intricate components becomes routine, for today’s businesses that is vital and thanks to the RVD Smart Fibre Laser, it is more achievable than ever before.

It doesn’t end with productivity though, reliability is just as important. Our commitment to sourcing the very best quality machinery and components from leading manufacturers has always been one of our strengths and the RVD Smart Tube Fibre Laser satisfies in every way. Whether your business is automotive, gym equipment, furnishings, agricultural or architectural, the RVD Laser has everything needed to make you sit up and take notice.

Productivity and reliability are important, but so is quality. The RVD Laser range is built upon the solid foundation of the best European research and development then built with first class quality control using the best leading brand components. The Auto-focus Laser cutting head is by RayTools of Switzerland; there is Cypcut CNC laser control and software and a high performance nLight alta™ Fibre Laser source along with a CE compliant comprehensive machine enclosure and light barrier system. Add to that features such as the ultra-precise alpha rack and pinion drive system and high strength rigid gantry design and it becomes clear; productivity, reliability and sheer quality are the three pillars on which the RVD Smart Fibre TF Tube Laser were designed and crafted. See for yourself at one of our national showrooms.

For more information on the RVD Smart Fibre Laser and our range of precision laser cutters and to see if they are right for you then get in touch today.

Published 25th July 2019