The Load to Ruin

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At Selmach we never forget that making a purchase of practically any machine from any of our ranges is, more often than not a significant investment which is an unavoidable part of the nature of heavy machinery. We try and balance that out of course, not just with prices that are as competitive as we can make them, but also by providing other things too; help and advice for example, as well as showrooms where you can see the machines working for yourselves. We also have an ethos of making the time to be there for you and to discuss your needs, not to mention our first class after sales care.

We come across some common problems from time to time, but we always remember that each client is unique. That means generally what might be great advice for one business won’t always work for another, and as a sales force we know that too and we tailor our advice solely towards those who it is given to…

Yet with all that in mind there is one golden rule which is relevant to everyone, from the lone craftsman working in his garage to the multinational mass production specialists.

You have to buy a machine that can handle your capacity, not just today but also in the future.

Yes the machines with lower capacities may cost less, but if those same machines are being run to maximum capacity (and sometimes beyond) day in and day out then sooner rather than later they will struggle to deliver the high volumes you need, they might also need maintenance, repairing and in extreme cases; replacing entirely. It isn’t a question of quality it’s purely a question of capacity and it is a vital factor to allow for at the planning stage of buying any machinery. Thinking ahead and asking the question ‘what is the maximum capacity I will ever need from this machine?’ is a question we always encourage our clients to ask themselves.

It isn’t a sales gimmick on our part, or a crafty ploy to encourage our customers to spend more than they planned (it actually saves them money in the long term.) We simply believe that our clients should have the right machine for the job, and a large part of that means getting the capacity right first time, larger capacities and high end products always need the correct machine. The temptation is there to save money; perhaps a smaller machine will handle it, perhaps it will handle a heavier workload at maximum capacity, perhaps I can make a short term saving here?

We see these kinds of questions a lot, and experience has taught us the answer is almost always to invest a little more, to save a lot of time and money in the future, with a machine that can do the job at the capacities you need and hope for…

For more information on any of the machinery in our range and getting the capacity spot on, feel free to drop us a line on +44 (0)1432 346 580, email or get in touch via our website

Published 30th January 2019