Laser cutting, When Buying Might Be Better

Image of Laser Head cutting a sheet metal plateImage of Laser Head cutting a sheet metal plate

At Selmach we learn a lot from our travels around the globe, meeting like-minded businesses and engaging with other organisations in our industry, that isn’t to say we are novices in any way, we have been around for longer than most and enjoy a well earned reputation for providing one of the best services around.

But a very important part of that service is about listening, both to customers and people we hope will become customers, often that is where the real wisdom lies and the very best insights that go on to inform the decisions we make and the ranges of machinery we sell.

Very often that is the case with laser cutting, a task that is so often outsourced to specialist companies. Sometimes it may be because of issues with limited work space; an all singing, all dancing CNC laser is a mighty big piece of machinery to find room for, right? So it might also be due to lack of equipment, or then again it might be due to the assumption that costs might be a factor, these state of the art laser cutters cost an arm and a leg don’t they? Then there are running costs; C02 machines are expensive to run, but there might be no viable alternatives.

So… Outsourcing makes good business sense, doesn’t it?

Outsourcing seems such a simple business, but all too often it can be an expensive one too in the longer term. If you are spending anything around the £3500-£4000 per month then serious consideration must be given to actually investing in a machine of your own and here’s why.

Space is not such a big issue with smaller fibre laser machines such as the RVD compact Laser giving impressive processing surfaces despite their smaller size. If the initial outlay is a concern then maybe it’s time to think again; the key reason we are introducing the RVD laser range is their sheer value for money and ease of use and as for running costs; compare the running costs of an RVD fibre laser to their more expensive CO2 counterparts and suddenly outsourcing might not seem like such an attractive business model.

Unless of course you opt to provide a similar service and handle the outsourcing that comes from other companies, to make your shiny new Laser cutter even more cost effective and boost your income further.

If you are considering the switch from outsourced to in-house laser cutting, get in touch with our specialist team. We can answer your questions and give you all the tools you need to make an informed choice based on a longer term plan. One that is good for your business.

For more information on the RVD range of precision laser cutters and to see if they are right for you then get in touch today.

Published 10th June 2019