Going the extra mile with bespoke Press Brake tooling

Close up metal being curled on a press brake

At Selmach, we have said many times that customer service is one of the things on which we pride ourselves, but talking the talk is something that any company can do…right?

It would be easy to just assume that, once one of our machines, toolings or components leaves our doorstep, and arrives at yours then that’s it job done, we have provided the solution to your problem, and everyone is happy.

Well, not really…Part of our aspiration to support our customers in any way we can means a realisation on our part; that when one of our products arrives on your doorstep it might be used for anything, any job or any project no matter how unusual.

Some of those jobs or projects might even be unconventional. You might be looking into the possibility of using your machinery in a different way, or thinking of new ways to get the results you need. You might need bespoke tools and designs tailored to exact requirements.

If you innovate, then we want to innovate alongside you, so that is where we as solution providers, stop talking the talk, roll our collective sleeves up and start walking the walk…

We recently developed innovative new two and three stage pressbrake curl tools for one of our customers to meet their exact needs, even though this isn’t what you might call a standard use of a pressbrake, we were excited to see how far our design process and manufacture of these toolings would go towards solving the client’s problem, and perhaps even provide a solution to others going forward.

These tooling would typically be used for things such as hinges on cabinets and doors, creating any size of curl on any size, thickness and grade of material, designed and crafted with the quality, precision and reliability you would expect from Selmach, hardened and ground to guarantee long life.

Obviously, to achieve this level of service, we need to work closely with our customers, requiring things such as products specifications, designs and part samples to ensure your tooling is spot on for the job it is intended for, but what a great challenge, and what better way to prove that we don’t just talk the talk. We are also more than happy to walk the walk, time and time again.

So…if anytime soon, you find yourself with a design in one hand, a cup of tea in the other, pondering thoughtfully how on earth you are going to achieve this cut, that bend or shape.

Don’t forget, we might just be able to do you proud.

No matter how exotic, unusual or downright difficult the project might seem, let us lend our specialised knowledge to it. Get in touch today!

Published 20th February 2019